Parkland Suspect Nikolas Cruz Told Police A Voice Ordered Him to ‘Burn, Kill, Destroy’

Parkland suspect Nikolas Cruz told police a voice ordered him to ‘burn, kill, destroy’

by TUT editor

ed note–amidst all the discussions that have taken place relative to the mass shootings in America–pro gun control/anti gun control, more police/less police, more background checks/less background checks, the one discussion that has not taken place but which should is the direct, and more importantly–DELIBERATE–role that Judea, Inc and its chokehold over the mass media in America has payed in creating this catastrophe.

It is a no brainer. ‘Monkey see, monkey do’. What people take in through their eyes and other 5 senses goes into their psyche and therefore into their behavior, and when a nation of people who were slated LONG AGO to become the instrument by which a particular group of powerful and well-entrenched people plan to pulverize over a billion people in the Islamic world in order to raise up this Frankenstein political entity known as Judea Resurrecta, then part of the programming that goes into conditioning that people is the systematic de-sensitivation to violence against innocent people.

Please note one of the more glaring commonalities that have arisen from the large majority of these mass shooting cases–angry white men.

And yet, we are supposed to not factor into this that for generations now, Hollywood, run by the Weinsteins, Silvermans, Silverbergs, Finkelsteins et al have created role models such as Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson, Clint Eastwood, even John Wayne for Cripe’s sake, all white men who solved their problems with guns and were painted as the good guys for doing so?

Naaaaah. Must be just a coincidence.

That this–media programming and violence–go hand in hand was proven by the Weinsteins, Silvermans, Silverbergs, Finkelsteins, et al in the run-up to Mel Gibson’s release of ‘Passion of the Christ’ when almost AS ONE SINGULAR VOICE they were all screeching that this movie would result in violent actions against them.

Hollywood did not begin in the deserts of Southern California, but rather in the deserts of the Middle East with a book known as the Torah and all its tall tales of violence against innocent people who suffered the unfortunate fate of possessing something which Yahweh’s chosenoids wanted and who were killed so that Yahweh’s chosenoids could possess it.

Hollywood today is nothing more than a modern-day, new-and-improved version of that same Torah, which is used to poison and seduce the minds of large numbers of people in order to get them to behave in ways that benefit Judea Inc, and the fact that the shooter Nicholas Cruz has testified that he heard ‘voices’ telling him to ‘burn, kill, and destroy’ after a lifetime of exposure to the corrosive and corrupting influence of a violence-laden media should be of no surprise to anyone as this was the intended result. Read more of this post

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