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Friday, August 3, 2018

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Top Stories
 Pro-Abortion Bullies Target Pro-Life Teen With Cancer: “Cancer is Giving Your Mom a Late-Term Abortion”
 Trump Admin Fights Back, Wants Judge to Toss Lawsuits So it Can Defund Planned Parenthood
 Man Threatens to Kill Pro-Life Members of Congress and Their Children
 Abortion Pill Has Killed 22 Women and Injured 2740 More, And That’s Just in the United States

More Pro-Life News
 Pro-Abortion Republicans Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski Still Undecided on Brett Kavanaugh
 Planned Parenthood Sterilized One-Third of Puerto Rican Women in Grisly Population Control Experiment
 Disabled Patient Euthanized Even Though Doctors Said He Wasn’t Dying
 Planned Parenthood Launches New Abortion Manifesto Calling Abortion a “Human Right”
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Pro-Abortion Feminists Claim Women are Oppressed Because People Eat Animals

Gov. Jay Inlsee Calls Trump Plan to Defund Planned Parenthood “Barbarous.” Killing Babies? Not So Much

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Irish Members of Parliament Now Pushing Other Nations to Legalize Abortion

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