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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

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Top Stories
 Doctors Vow to Go to Jail if Forced to Do Abortions: “I’m a Doctor Not a Murderer”
 Planned Parenthood CEO: “We Cannot Allow Our Children to Have Fewer Rights”
 Apple iTunes Blacklists Christian Podcast After Pastor Calls for Christians to Pray for President Trump
 Facebook Censors Story Exposing Company Hauling Away Boxes of Babies Killed in Late-Term Abortions

More Pro-Life News
 Abortion Activist Wants More Women to Brag About Their Abortions With “Affirming” Messages
 Pro-Abortion Awards Show “The Golden Probes” Will Feature Porn Star Stormy Daniels
 Brett Kavanaugh Could be Confirmed By October 1 Despite Pro-Abortion Opposition
 Government Panel Confirms Human Life Begins at Conception, Says “Child’s Life” Starts “From Conception”
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Court Allows Metro to Refuse Pro-Life Ad Celebrating Christmas as the Birth of Jesus

Thank God for President Trump, Who is Upholding the Free Speech Rights of Pro-Life Christians


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Gov. Andrew Cuomo Threatens to Sue President Trump, Who Will Soon Defund Planned Parenthood

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