Jewish Filmmaker Rob Reiner Has a Job to Do: Discredit President Trump So He & Fellow Judeans Can Impeach Him

Filmmaker Rob Reiner calls Trump ‘certifiably insane’ and ‘beyond pathological’ — and that’s why he won’t talk to Mueller

by TUT editor

ed note–keep in mind that this guy, Reiner, from ‘the left’–

Is allied with this guy, Frum, on ‘the right’–

And who is allied with this guy, Kristol, also on ‘the right’–

As well as with this guy

and this guy

and this guy

and this guy–

and this guy–

and this guy–

and this gal–

A veritable hodgepodge of left/right Jews who first opposed Trump’s nomination and then who were unsuccessful in preventing his victory as POTUS and who are all now united in their drive to bring down.

Their commonalities?

1. They are all Jews, obviously, and

2. Their job is to use their positions within the media and the foreign policy establishment to bring about war between the US and the Islamic world as the necessary precursor to raising Israel up as the world’s new superpower. Read more of this post

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