FACEBOOK Run by Jews: Zuckerberg is JEWISH ZIONIST as is Wall Street Journal Run by JEWS as is Rothschild ZIONIST Jew Soros Funding NGO’s to Coup Elected Leaders

Big Brother Strikes Again—Facebook Pulls Pages ‘Likely To Be’ Russian

July 31 (EIRNS)—The Big Brother thought control police who have imposed themselves on Facebook, Instagram and the other leading social media operations, have moved again to save America from the dastardly villains running “coordinated misinformation efforts ahead of the U.S. midterm elections,” taking down 32 pages and accounts which “resemble Russian activities on the platform during the 2016 presidential campaign.” Mark Zuckerberg announced that he had informed the intelligence community before announcing the move publicly.

Note that to “resemble” something Russian, like the British “likely to be” Russia, now serves as adequate proof to declare guilt via the media. The Wall Street Journal, for instance, headlines the story: “Facebook Pulls Fake Accounts That Mimic Russian Tactics Ahead of Election.” The Journal admits that Facebook officials told them, “We do not have enough technical evidence to state definitively who is behind this,” but then states: “Several lawmakers pointed the finger at Russia.” Super-sleuth Sen. Mark Warner, they report, issued a statement saying this is “further evidence that the Kremlin continues to exploit platforms like Facebook to sow division and spread disinformation.”

The only example the Journal could provide was a call for a counter-demonstration against a “Unite the Right” rally scheduled for Washington in August, something that a dozen Soros-funded NGOs are also calling for.

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