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        AUGUST, 2018   1 FED RESERVE NOTE


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NY Times: An Economic Upturn Begun Under Obama Is Now Trump’s to Tout


Before we rebut today’s selected piece of Communist crap from Sulzberger’s seditious cesspool, Sugar and I, er, “The Editorial Board,” of The Anti-New York Times, notwithstanding our conditional support for Trump, would like to emphasize that we do not accept the “happy-days-are-here-again” assessment of the American economy. A whole lot of people are in a whole lot of hurt with no end to their worry and misery in sight. Thirty-plus years of hard core economic subversion coupled with 50 years of moral / social destruction would take a decade or even two to fully recover from — assuming it is still even possible in an aging, “diversifying,” and ever-stupefying America.
That being understood, and comparing apples to apples, it is indeed true, as the Slimes’ Patricia Cohen (cough cough) herself even acknowledges in this article, that: “ .. the American economy is doing … better than it was a year and a half ago, before Donald J. Trump was elected president.”  So, what’s our problem here? Well, the outrageous mendacity contained in this article, particularly the headline, is that “political bias” is leading Republican voters to credit Trump instead of Obongo; and Democrat voters to credit Obongo instead of Trump. The journalistic trick here lies in creating a false equivalence intended to cloud the easily observable reality of what is truly a “Trump recovery,” thus leaving the reader thinking that perhaps Obongo should at least get some of the credit.

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1. The drug-addicted Globalist fag dons a hard hat and visits at an Ohio steel plant in 2013. Manufacturing jobs continued to vanish during his reign of ruin. 2.During the 2016 campaign to stop Trump, Obongo mocked Trump’s promise to bring back steel and other manufacturing jobs: “Those jobs aren’t coming back. What magic wand do you have?” 3. Moody’s Analytics confirms that after 28 years of decline under Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obongo — manufacturing and steel jobs have indeed been created due to Trump’s policies. Only a Slimes liar or a shit-for-brains libtard would attribute this sudden reversal to Obongo the Globalist off-shorer!
It’s funny. During the 8 years of Obongo’s moribund (a $10 word for lacking in vigor, dying) economy, the Piranha Press defined the decline as a disaster “inherited” from George W. Bush. Now that the numbers are improving, it’s Obongo’s “recovery?” The article itself isn’t so bold as to make such a ridiculous claim. As previously stated, the trick of citing “experts” in order to sow seeds of doubt and confusion — where there should be none — is the preferred tactic here.
From the article:
“If only the debate over who deserves most of the credit were as easily judged.

Americans’ perceptions of the economy’s prospects increasingly depend more on their political identity than statistics on output or stock markets. So each new economic report reignites the feud between Trump supporters and critics.

The same gauges that illustrate this administration’s economic successes also make clear that they are built on the achievements of the previous one, and that the economy is following the upward trajectory begun under President Barack Obama.

What Mr. Trump has been particularly well positioned to do, though, is identify himself with economic success. “It dovetails with a narrative about Donald Trump that has existed for a long time: that he’s a businessman, that he understands the working of the economy, that he knows how to make money,” said Mark Rozell, dean of the Schar School of Policy and Government of George Mason University..

Mr. Obama’s background was in community organizing and the public sector. “No one expects such a person to have any feel for creating good economic conditions,” Mr. Rozell said. “He is more likely to be seen as riding an economic wave or trend, whereas the businessman is seen as responsible.” 

Another classic deception tactic utilized in this article is the “lie of omission.”  The writer and the quoted “experts” conveniently failed to mention the 900 + Obongo Era regulations which Trump killed by Executive Order; and the large corporate tax cut from a world-high 35% down to 21%; and the relaxation of job-killing restrictions on the nation’s energy production; and the across-the-board income tax cuts for American workers; and the increased business and consumer confidence inspired by all of these moves. Those substantial policies couldn’t possibly have had any stimulative effect on the economy, eh Ms. Cohen? No, it’s just the “Obama Recovery” rolling into 2018.

Cheese & frickin’ crackers! The Fake News really is, well, fake.


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Black Santa Claus gave away TRILLIONS of dollars in stimulus money — and still the economy stagnated for eight years.


To move off of the apples to apples comparisons for a moment:  Though less rotten that the Obongo years and getting slowly better — unless and until the trillion dollar welfare and warfare states are phased out; sound currency / monetary policy is restored; and traditional family life makes a comeback (and, in fairness we do not and cannot realistically expect Trump to be able to accomplish such heavy lifting by himself) — then don’t expect any end to the ongoing decline in living standards that so many millions of middle-to-lower working class Americans (milennials in particular) have already come to accept as “the new normal.”

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Young people cannot afford to leave home — Old people cannot afford to stop working — and stressed-out middle-class people cannot live without perpetual debt (by design of the “powers that be’).



  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that the economic recovery actually began under Obama.

Boobus Americanus 2: Yes. And Trump is taking all the credit for it now.


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