Purple Defense
Inexpensive ‘Antioxidant Dose’ Helps You Wrangle With Aging

Better than blueberries, apples, spinach or vitamin C – it contains high doses of this ingredient that will make even the French jealous. If you want to ward off free radical damage, age gracefully, and support your heart health and blood pressure, please don’t ignore this.


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Add This to Your Salads, Helps Keep Your Liver From Becoming a Dumping Ground

There’s a good chance you unconsciously avoid it, linking it to toxicity. Yet it actually stimulates bile, preventing the accumulation of waste in your liver – while also lessening symptoms of constipation, gas, bloating, loose stools and food allergies.


benefits of bitters

What Are the Benefits of Chamomile?

While best known as a soothing herbal tea useful to induce relaxation and peaceful sleep, chamomile also plays a role in easing gastrointestinal complaints, reducing menstrual cramps and relieving cold symptoms. The presence of the flavonoid apigenin is believed to be responsible for chamomile’s anticancer effects.


chamomile benefits

How to Properly Store Bulk Herbs and Loose Tea

Herbs and teas are packed with antioxidants and offer unique powerful benefits for your health. However, if you don’t store your dried herbs and teas correctly, there may be a decrease in both flavor and benefits. I’ll give you strategies to store your products and how to incorporate them in your daily habits.


how to store bulk herbs loose tea

Weekly Health Quiz: Fillings, Anxiety and Omega-3

Take this week’s quiz to see how well you remember what you read on Mercola.com last week.


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Complete Spore Restore
Our Ancestors’ Eating Plan Included Beneficial Bacteria Spores, but People Today Avoid These

Like a fertile garden with a good gardener, spore probiotics provide a healthy foundation and growth medium. Complete Spore Restore includes a unique organic blend for natural prebiotics.

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Red Clover Tea: Benefits and Nutrition Facts

Red clover grows almost anywhere, and it can be easily harvested to make a delicious, sweet herbal tea that is a great, health-boosting beverage.

red clover tea


Food and Nutrition FactsDr. Mercola’s Food Facts is a directory of the health foods that you must add to your wholesome meal plan.

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