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Curcumin Supplement
The Fatal Flaw in Most Curcumin Supplements

Hailed as a potent antioxidant and even revered as the ‘spice of life.’ It’s known to cross the blood-brain barrier with benefits for brain, heart and more. But it also has the potential to fall way short and be nothing more than a big waste of money (and your health) if you’re not careful.


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Wouldn’t Give a Child Alcohol? Don’t Give Them This Either, and Avoid It Yourself

Brings death and disease to kids so young they can barely walk. And you too. It’s alcohol’s ‘innocent twin’ whether you realize it or not. Pummels your liver and body even without outward signs. This movie gives you a glimpse of your future if you choose to ignore this.


sugar crash

Why You Need to Stop Biting Your Nails

Your nails are more than a platform for art or bright colors; they are a window into your health. Nail biting may lead to health conditions, resulting in pain, inflammation, infection and bad breath. I’ll share strategies to break the habit.


why you need to stop biting your nails

What Happens to Your Body When You Use Medical Marijuana?

Marijuana has been used as a botanical medicine since the early times, but today it’s been shunned aside due to its potentially addictive nature. But there’s a way to sidestep these effects and reap the benefits of this plant. Discover the many uses and ways that medical marijuana can positively affect your health.


medical marijuana

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essential oil diffuser
The Fastest and Most Efficient Way to Enjoy Organic Essential Oils

Made from hand-cut bamboo and topped with an elegant ribbed ceramic cover, this quiet, affordable diffuser conserves your favorite essential oils and ensures you get the all of the benefits from aromatherapy in the most efficient way possible.

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Bitter Melon Benefits and Nutrition Facts

Bitter melon contains active compounds that may help combat or even improve some of the most common chronic diseases today. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

bitter melon


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