Collective Evolution: Illuminati Pedophilia: What is the Role of the Awakening Community?

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It is becoming clear that pedophilia, child sex-trafficking and other related activities stems from a highly organized, well-funded global system that, by one chilling estimate, victimizes eight million children each year.

Debbie Jordan-Kauble, describing what’s known to Ufologists as “The Copley Woods” encounter. It’s one of many supposed encounters that have happened for a very long time.

It is important to know that the only way you can possibly reduce your risk of alcohol-related harm to zero is to reduce your consumption to zero.

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Joe discusses the ever important subject of evolving media and the various blind spots we have when looking at current affairs and spirituality. The world of media is in desperate need of a shift in media, and it’s here.

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We interviewed David Wilcock about the Fall Of The Cabal and Disclosure. This was a fascinating interview that is insanely relevant to today. Click here to watch
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