New Yorker magazine unveils cover depicting a dead Trump after falling down escalator onto his face

by TUT editor

The esteemed New Yorker magazine continues to mock President Trump with cover illustration.

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Who owns the New Yorker?

The New Yorker is part of Conde Nast, which is owned by Advance Publications, Inc., which is a privately-held company run by the elderly SI Newhouse. Various answers have been proposed to that question – usually as part of a campaign to discredit or promote different New Yorker editors and publishers.

Newhouse Family: A Zionist Media Empire | Real Jew News


1980: Newhouse family buys Random House Book Publishers. 1981: Newhouse family buys multiple cable television systems with over 500,000 cable subscribers. 1982: Newhouse family buys Fawcett Books. 1986: Newhouse family buys Fodor’s Travel Guides. 1995: Newhouse family and Time Warner Cable combine cable systems to create large clusters.


ed note–So much for the tweeker brigade’s assertions that Trump is ‘one of them’, that the Jewish establishment ‘loves him’ and that he was ‘chosen’ by Judea, Inc to usher in the New World Order and WWIII for Israel’s benefit.

After the latest fiasco taking place following the summit with Putin, anyone calling themselves a ‘truther’ who still refuses to see reality for what it is has revealed the extent to which they live in state of altered reality where facts take a back seat to fiction, fantasy, and their own particular brand of identity politics and who have as much business engaging in political analysis/commentary as they do performing brain surgery. While true that these types could have been forgiven for not ‘getting it’ up until now (despite the tsunami of screeching that is heard on a daily basis within the JMSM against Trump) after the summit however and all the hysteria over ‘treason’ being heard from every ghetto, shtetl, and synagogue posing as a media outlet, those who still cling to their poorly-considered theories concerning Trump are those who have made the conscious choice of avoiding the inescapable truth of the matter and who have in effect put themselves on the same playing field as the Sandy Hook Hoaxers and others who add only noise and confusion to an already noisy and confusing picture.

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Trump Accuses Jewish Mainstream Media of ‘Badly Wanting War With Russia’

by TUT editor

The tweet is the latest by the president to push back against criticism following the lengthy one-on-one meeting Trump held with Putin in Finland on Monday

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Trump Stands His Ground on Putin and against Judea, Inc’s charges of ‘treason’

by TUT editor

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How They Do It– ”No Way to Run a Superpower–The Trump-Putin Summit and the Death of American Foreign Policy’

by TUT editor

ed note–while reading this, please recall the Zioness Mz. Glasser’s infamous fawning interview with arch NeoCon/Israel-firster warmongers Eliot Cohen and Max Boot, both of whom she referred to as ‘fantastic’ and then ask the question–If indeed Trump is ‘Israel’s boy’, then why the obvious campaign in trying to destroy what it is he is trying to accomplish?

Go ahead, take your time formulating your answer. We’ll wait patiently.

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TUT editor | 07/20/2018 at 9:

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