Trump Peace Deal Said to Include Major Economic Plan For Palestinians-Predict Trump Best President EVER!

Trump peace deal said to include major economic plan for Palestinians

by TUT editor

White House official says plan will include most detailed proposals yet, strategy for rolling it out still being developed

ed note–again, at the risk of being overly-repetitious, nevertheless we’ll do it again for those suffering either from short term memory issues or problems attending from attention deficit disorder–

1. Israel does not want ‘peace’ with the Palestinians or with anyone else in the region. Tension, conflict, and open war are as much part of her basic needs as oxygen and water are to most life forms on earth. The arrival of ‘peace’ and with it, a cessation of hostilities, conflict, and tension would be the equivalent of grabbing the Jewish state around the throat, crushing her windpipe and starving her of the most basic elements which she needs in order to remain alive.

That having been said, Trump’s ‘peace deal’ is as much welcome news to Israel and her people as was Elliot Ness’ arrival in Chicago to Al Capone and his gang. The Jews don’t want peace, anymore than Capone and his gang wanted law and order and an end to those environmental elements which built up and sustained their criminal empire. What Israel wants is land, all of it, the whole enchilada lying between the Nile and Euphrates rivers, exactly as her piratical and maniacal religious texts clearly dictate.

THAT having been said, it is Trump’s noises about ‘the ultimate peace deal’ which best explains why there is this over-the-top animus against him on the part of organized Jewish interests spanning both the right and the left. Yes, Netanyahu says nice things about Trump in the same way that Hyman Roth said nice things about Michael Corleone, all the while he was working behind the scenes to undermine the Corleone family’s power and remove Michael as a competitor. Likewise with Nutty Netty & co, who could bring to a screeching halt the Mueller investigation into ‘Russian Meddling’ and all the rest of the noise being generated against Trump on a daily basis by those Jewish interests that are subordinate to Netanyahu in America and throughout the West.

What’s worse now as far as Netanyahu is concerned is that Trump and Putin–commanders in chief of the two most powerful nuclear armed countries in the world–are obviously negotiating a corporate merger of sorts in bringing some kind of sane, sensible resolution to the ticking time bomb that is the Israeli-Palestinian situation, and now with all the political clout Putin and Russia have earned as a result of ISIS being wiped out in Syria, all of this spells doom for the entire ‘Greater Israel’ project which Netanyahu & co have been waiting to implement for 3,000+ years.

Is Trump’s ‘ultimate deal’ just compensation for the Palestinians and others whose world was turned upside down a century ago by the West meddling in Middle Eastern affairs?

Not even close, but it is at least a step forward that could have all sorts of unforeseen positive consequences, not the least of which is the ultimate demise of the Jewish state and a wooden stake in the heart of the vampire known as Judaism.

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