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“Your research, reports and resources continue to impress me. You are relentless in pushing for organic integrity. With 31 years of organic vegetable farming behind me, I know integrity when I see it. So I am bumping up my annual financial support to show my true appreciation.

You guys are just freakin’ awesome!”

– Seven-year sustaining Cornucopia member, Jim Eldon, Brooks, California (pictured with his wife Julie)

Dear Patty,

I always tell our staff, as a public-interest charity, our policy and communications work is the very best fundraising work we do. We don’t ask for contributions very often. Certainly at the end of the year and when your membership is due (and once in a while for an authentic/critical project).

Eldon Farm

When we send out a news release, action alert, or newsletter (electronic or in print), unlike many other groups, there’s no standard “ask” for donations. However, it really helps our morale that, even without asking, we get a handful every time. I can’t thank our loyal members enough for your ongoing confidence in our work.

When Jim chimed in after we emailed our last biweekly e-Newsletter with the laudatory comments above, they were worth a million dollars to me. So I thanked Jim and asked for permission to share them with the folks who receive our electronic newsletter.

Now I’m asking: If you are not already a member of The Cornucopia Institute, I respectfully ask you to please join and financially support the work of our staff protecting the authenticity of our food supply and farmers like Jim Eldon.

If you are already a Cornucopia member, please consider an extra gift at this time. Help us publish our upcoming organic dairy and poultry reports and scorecards, buyers’ guides to identify exclusively U.S.-produced organic products, and our deep drill-down on plant-based beverages (sometimes called “milks”). We are squared off with the most economically powerful forces in this industry and we need your help.

Better yet, if you are already a member, please consider setting up a sustaining contribution, like Jim, to automatically donate on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. This saves us money and labor. Click on the donate button below to contribute by credit card or PayPal or reply to this email for instructions for electronic funds transfer (EFT) directly from your checking account.

Not only do donations provide the fuel for this mission …. your membership gives us the moral authority to speak out!

Best regards,

Mark A. Kastel
The Cornucopia Institute

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