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Online censorship an attack on human knowledge and sustainable civilization
Mike Adams As you know by now, online censorship by evil tech giants (Google, FB, YT, etc.) is exploding.

At risk is not just human knowledge but the very sustainability of human civilization.

Today I issue an urgent warning that calls for the tech monopolists to be stopped.

Read the full article (and see the video) here.

As part of their war against humanity, YouTube / Google has just blacklisted SGT Report, a prominent voice in the independent media. In response, they’ve launched a new channel on

See that full story (plus videos) here.

Also today: The FISA warrant surveillance fraud is unraveling by the day. See the latest revelations in my new video here.

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Online censorship is a war against human knowledge and human civilizationWatch this video
Critical alert: Major events possible SGT Report has been taken downWatch this video
7 Reasons Why I Am Leaving Google ~ Social Media Influencer Steve CioccolantiWatch this video
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