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Mike Adams This is our most article-packed newsletter (and publishing day) ever. Check right now and scroll through the entire home page for a stunning series of articles on beating breast cancer, depression, dementia, heart disease and more.

You’ll truly be astonished at how much we’re now able to put together for you each day.

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Featured Articles
Tualang honey prevents breast cancer: New studyBy Rhonda Johansson | Read the full story
Breast cancer gene scandal: Half the women who undergo mastectomies found to have harmless gene variant, not cancerBy Earl Garcia | Read the full story
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Does removing sugar from your diet starve cancer cells? New study finds surprising answersBy Ralph Flores | Read the full story
Cannabis drug found to reduce risk of seizures by half in people with treatment-resistant epilepsyBy Michelle Simmons | Read the full story
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A traditional Chinese medicine found to be effective in treating depressionBy RJ Jhonson | Read the full story
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More of Today’s ArticlesThe powerful antioxidant and anti-cancer effects of arid region honey
The arid region honey can be used as a therapeutic product for chronic diseases, including cancer, according to researchers fromUnited Arab Emirates University. The study, published in BMC …

The neuroprotective potential of rhubarb in treating traumatic brain injury
Chinese researchers examined the neuroprotective ability of Rhein, a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) derived from the rhubarb plant.Following their recent animal study, they reported that …

Some toxic chemicals found in water can be created by the treatment process itself
Water treatment processes are supposed to make public water safe enough to wash or even drink. However, some of the newer methods that break down harmful substances apparently create new toxic …

Storing food without a refrigerator: 25 different kinds of root cellars
If the power suddenlygoes off for more than a couple of days in your area, can you survive on the food that you have right now? With a root cellar, food storage without a refrigerator will be …

A slice of pizza could be a healthier option for breakfast than most popular cereals
Pizza for breakfast? A nutritionist claimed that a slice of pizza in the morning might be healthierthan a bowl of frosted flakes as it contains more protein, more fresh ingredients, and less …

Making medicine after a disaster: North American’s top medicinal plants
Nature is a wonderful source of food, but did you know that you can count on it for medicine too? North America is rife with medicinal plants. Some can speed up the healing process of cuts and …

Extra virgin olive oil found to reverse many of the effects of a high-fat…
Could olive oil be the ticket to reversing years of damage caused by a “conventional” Western approach to food? New research has shown that the beloved oil can help fight against some of the most …

Scientists are looking at our wastewater to see how severe the opioid epidemic really is
Arizona-based researchers are analyzing wastewater from the sewers of U.S. cities for signs of chemicals associated with opioids. The contents of sludge and slurries could provide a more accurate …

5 Good reasons to include more magnesium-rich foods
Youmay not realize it, but magnesium is one of the nutrients your body needs the most. According to the Human Genome Project, there are 3,751 proteins with binding sites for this mineral, which …


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