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Bombshell censorship report coming in hours… plus a video series that may save your life
Mike Adams I’ve got a bombshell report on Google / Facebook censorship coming out tomorrow morning. The article might even be posted late tonight. Be on the watch for that bombshell report and forward a copy to your representatives in Washington D.C.

It teaches America how to fight back against the dangerous, extreme censorship of the tech giants.

New from I recently teamed up with a U.S. Navy SEAL (SEAL Team Five) and a U.S. Marine combat instructor (martial arts, weapons systems, etc.) to produce a phenomenal video series called Real Self-Defense.

Episode one is live now at and teaches you the basics of defending yourself with a pistol. In these crazy times, I believe that every Natural News reader needs to strongly consider the importance of lawful self-defense.

The video series is visually stunning and highly entertaining as well. Watch it at this link.

(Episode two will be posted tomorrow… and more on the way.)

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