LaRouchePAC Monday July 16, 2018 On Joint Press Conference Between Putin & Trump

Full Implications from Unstructured Summit May Not Be Seen Immediately

A televised interview today with President Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton (with other recent remarks by officials on both sides) makes it clear that the entirety of Monday’s Helsinki summit will be based entirely on what the two Presidents discuss and agree upon at the outset, purely between the two of them alone, unaccompanied by any aides or officials whatsoever, in a one-on-one meeting with no time-limit. It was President Trump who had proposed this unusual format, and the Russian side agreed to it. In this respect, the Helsinki summit resembles the historic Wuhan, China, meeting in April between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which turned the course of Chinese-Indian relations back towards growing friendship and cooperation.READ MORE

While the vast majority of so-called economists focus on monetary value, Lyndon LaRouche defines economic value as a measurement of the anti-entropic free energy of the economic process. To achieve this one must focus on scientific research and on technologies with increasingly higher energy flux densities. This is what LaRouche refers to as a science driver. Examples in recent U.S. history include the Manhattan Project and the Apollo Project. To expand the human economy, we must focus on such areas of fundamental research as fusion power, interplanetary flight and colonies on the Moon and…READ MORE

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