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Complete Probiotics for Women
New Probiotics Discovery Helps Balance Your Gut Bacteria

Most take probiotics without conditioning their gut to support the growth of good bacteria. If you’re ready to help detoxify your gut while replenishing its energy content – this could be a game changer.


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This Country Drops Bombshell That Should Alarm Parents Everywhere

Recent battle in Geneva shows the travesty of this anti-health extortion, a true dictatorial scheme now linked to over 1 million deaths per year. Not to mention immense suffering from blindness, allergies, cognitive delay and much more. But why, when it’s finally so normal in this country?


campaign against breastfeeding

Ben & Jerry’s Sued for Misleading Customers

Many people love Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for its environmentally responsible reputation just as much as for its flavors. But in a lawsuit filed by the Organic Consumers Association, it’s alleged that the do-good company is deceiving consumers with ‘smoke and mirrors’ marketing aimed at covering up the true sources of its dirty dairy.


ben and jerrys environmental lawsuit

This Evil Corporation Bullies Scientists to Cover Up Toxicity

They are facing thousands of lawsuits alleging that their herbicide Roundup causes chronic disease, and the first of many is already being heard in court. Attorneys revealed they are up to their old tricks, attempting to discredit and intimidate scientists who find their chemicals pose great risks to human health.


scientists are bullied to cover up roundup toxicity

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This Key Mineral May Help Support Bone and Brain Health

Iodine is an essential mineral that is frequently overlooked. With my iodine supplement, I use my favorite form of iodine – potassium iodide – a more stable form of the mineral that is better absorbed and can help maintain your levels.

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