CHRISTIANS NOT WELCOME IN ISRAEL! Christians Are WELCOME IN CHRISTIAN RUSSIA! Are Americans Supporting Synagogue of Satan Israel? You BET!

Christians no longer welcome in Israel, says Palestinian group

by TUT editor

JERUSALEMBethlehem was 85 percent Christian in 1947, the year before Israel became a state. Today, it is less than 20 percent.  In Jerusalem, the Christian population in 1947 was 19 percent. Now it is just 2 percent

IOL – Christians are no longer welcome in the Holy Land. This was the message from a Palestinian Christian delegation currently visiting South Africa.

In an interview with the Afro-Palestine Newswire Service on Sunday, Father Jamal Khader and Dr Rifat Kasis documented the discrimination facing Christians, and how they are being denied the right to worship at Christianity’s most sacred sites in the Holy Land.

This has lead to a drastic decline in the Christian population there. The chief cause of the Christian exodus, according to Khader and Kasis, is Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine. CONTINUE READING

Russia: The Other Christian Nation | Christianity Today

Not so in Russia. Igor Evlampiev, a contemporary secular historian of Russian thought, identified the search for the hidden meaning stemming from Christian ideas as the most important motif of Russian thought. The Russian Orthodox Church agrees.

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