Assad Raises Syrian Flag Over Daraa, the Birthplace of the Uprising Against Him

Assad Raises Syrian Flag Over Daraa, the Birthplace of the Uprising Against Him

by TUT editor

Some 2,000 rebel fighters are holed up in the opposition-held part of Daraa city, along with their families

ed note–truth be told, the ‘uprising’ against Assad did not begin in Daraa, but rather in Tel Aviv, New York, Jerusalem, DC, Hollywood, and in various places such as Cairo, Benghazi, etc, where gullible individuals who bought into the ‘Arab spring’ nonsense helped to create the necessary narrative which Judea, Inc needed in order to set into motion that series of events which Jewish interests hoped would result in Assad being toppled and replaced with a more ‘cooperative’ leader. What’s worse are all the idiots today who still cling to their bird-brained notions that Iran, Russia, Assad and Nasrallah are all just ‘playing a role’ in order to fool people into thinking that a true revolt against Jewish interests is taking place, when in fact, it is all just a ruse.

Nevertheless, the sane and sensible people of the world rejoice with Assad and his people, not only for their own personal victory, but as well, in showing a for-the-most-part defeatist-minded Gentile resistance that indeed Judea, Inc CAN be defeated if people just keep their heads straight and concentrate on the task at hand.

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