Trump SMACKS The U.S. Deep State: “Crimea Is Part Of Russia” This is True as LaRouche (PAC & Pub) Have Maintained-ZIONIST Globalists Are Upset They Will Not Get Their Way With Trump-Hence Their Zionist Mueller Coup

Trump SMACKS The US Deep State: “Crimea Is Part Of Russia”, But WHY?

by TUT editor


FORT RUSS – The US can no longer manage its empire in its present form, and due to emerging technologies alongside emerging regional hegemonic powers in parts of the globe which the US used to have control over, the US under Trump appears to be looking to reorient American power projection. In doing so, Trump appears to want to right-size US imperialism, based upon its actual economic situation relative to the emergent multi-polar reality. CONTINUE READING

TUT editor | 06/16/201

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