The Real Reason Nixon Had So Much Trouble: He Believed in the Constitution


Saving us and the ‘Jews’ from the cult of Judah


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First published at 13:41 UTC on December 29th, 2017.

    Nixon, like JFK, was termed an ‘isolationist’ because he respected the U.S constitution, according to which all the world wars, and the later wars, for zionism, were illegal. He was not ‘pro-jewish’ enough, which is all it takes for the jewish lobby to turn against you, ruin you, and demonise you as ‘anti-semitic’. Long before he became President, the jewish lobby tried to ruin him. Compared to what Clinton, Roosevelt, and Truman all did, their war crimes, and more conventional crimes, Nixon was a saint. But while the jews at the victory of the Jew.S.S.R Bolsheviks, and after the destruction of independent (Nazi) Germany, had Judas Iscariot ‘sainted’, they had Nixon ‘demonised’ for all of eternity. Simply for not being pro-jewish enough, pro-Israel enough. Simply for being a U.S Patriot. A President who would honor the U.S Constitution.

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