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Spygate Swept Under the Rug!

Written by   Monday, 04 June 2018 18:40

Spygate Swept Under the Rug!

The New American Magazine (TNA) reported that Spygate, “the scandal of the FBI having planted a spy in the Trump campaign in 2016” should be ranked as one of the all-time biggest political scandals, yet almost no one has heard about it. The mainstream media is clearly utilizing bias by omission to ignore facts that don’t fit into their agenda. The exact same bias was exhibited by the media as they ignored Hillary’s email scandals, money laundering, perjury, and more!

Even more 2016 election bias should be recognized through the Russian interference investigation. If it was necessary for the FBI to look into it, then why was Trump’s campaign the only target of this investigation? Out of the other 16 Republicans, Hillary’s campaign, and Sander’s campaign, none were examined. The media completely ignored the fact that the Clinton cartel is immersed in Russian collusion.
And when the American people attempt to expose Spygate, they are accused of being conspiracy theorists. While it may seem like President Trump is overreacting, this is not just another “gate” on the list of concealed crimes, such as Travelgate, Chinagate, Monicagate, Lewinskigate, and Cablegate. According to the TNA article, “Spygate Is a Bigger Scandal Than Watergate:”
Watergate was about a president and key officials in his administration breaking the law both to spy on their political opponents and to cover up for their crimes. Spygate is about Deep State operatives in the FBI and DOJ conspiring against a presidential candidate and then against the president to manipulate the entire direction of the United States. In Watergate, the victims were Nixon’s political opponents. In Spygate, the victims are the American people.
With such a colossal breach against the American people, how can the mainstream media get away with barely mentioning it? It’s because the masses tolerate it. They don’t demand the truth to be told. Most are satisfied hearing that Michelle and Barack Obama have signed a “lighthearted” “non-political” multi-year agreement with Netflix and don’t want their flawless image of Obama to be tainted.
In order to change this political atmosphere, the hearts and minds of the people need to be changed. As The John Birch Society founder Robert Welch aimed to share the importance of personal responsibility, we too must showcase the seriousness of an immoral society. Politicians, who think that they can shy away from the consequences of their actions, should not be able to slip under the radar. It is our responsibility to hold them accountable.
Facts show that the FBI planted a spy in the campaign of one candidate while ignoring the crimes of another. Americans should be outraged! If we don’t make the conscious choice to reject big government and corrupt politicians now, the situation will only continue to get worse. So how can you obtain truthful reporting? How do you know what outlet to turn to?
If you’re sick and tired of one-sided political news, The New American is your answer.
The editorial point of view is guided by the U.S. Constitution and personal responsibility. The New American uncovers facts that the major media want to keep hidden and exposes the deception and political cover-up. The guesswork of where to turn is eliminated, providing you with the tools needed to find truth. You’ll always stay one step ahead of those attempting to strip you of your freedom.
Don’t wait until it’s too late! Start benefiting from truthful reporting at The New American today. Assets include daily online articles, the “Freedom Index”which rates congressmen on key issues, and an opportunity to join the conversation on our social media pages.
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