Russia is Wide Awake and the New Russian Revolution is in Full Force

FLASHBACK – Russia Has Awoken and the New Russian Revolution Has Deposed Yahweh

by TUT editor


“Following on the heels of the organized collapse of the Soviet Union, the global Jewish Lobby was able to install Boris Yeltsin (alias Jelzman) in the Kremlin. Once they had seized control of Russia’s natural resources, they believed they could rule forever, or at least as long as they were operating under the protection of the US military forces. Not only did they control the military bloodhound USA, which they could let loose against any country that became troublesome; they also controlled Russia, whose energy wealth they could use to exploit and enslave the entire planet. Yeltsin-Jelzman allowed the Russian military forces to disintegrate rapidly.

Everything had seemed to be going well for the Lobby. Then, out of a clear blue sky, Putin’s coup occurred.

He deposed the terrible Jelzman-Yeltsin. Today Yeltsin’s Jewish background is openly discussed even in the Establishment press, where as he is described as having “converted to Christianity”.

The Russian schools now teach that it was Jews who murdered the Czar’s family [and] the Russians weep when they think of the horrible crime. “Only the Jews would have been capable of such a terrible bloody crime” stated a participant in the memorial mass in front of the Church of the Blood that was held in Yekaterinburg in 2008. CONTINUE READING

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