Readers in Japan are WELL AWARE the Quake Ws Not a 9.0 and the TSUNAMI WAS ARTIFICIAL


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E-mails From Japan

Readers in Japan are WELL AWARE the quake was not a 9.0 and the tsunami was artificial

My comments are in italics writers comments are in boldInitial quake was reported as a 7.2, epicenter in/near Tohoku — this is what Japanese on the street were reading on their cell phones just after the event, this was Richter. Within 24 hours the magnitude was increased to 8.8, 8.9, 9.0….and, it seemed the epicenter was under debate.

The first magnitude and epicenter are calculated by computer. These are in fact always correct, unless there is a political need to move the “epicenter” and increase the magnitude, in this case by about 100X and 85 miles. Furthermore, the people in Japan are telling me directly it was a richter measurement, NOT SHINDO.

I have been checking USGS regularly and notice there are lots of depth 10 km quakes. The 3/11 and the 4/11 both are depth 10 km. Do you have any idea what that means. Scalar weapon? HAARP? Or just coincidence?

Quakes do not appear over broad regions at 10KM depth with consistency. SO, this does indeed point to the use of some sort of earthquake machine, as referred to by Defense Secretary Cohen during a military briefing in 1997. This is linked to in the Fukushima report

Last year I came back to Fukushima from US. The reason is another story. Then I realized that there were lots of small quakes occurred around that area. In February there were 2 bigger quakes there. Then I wondered why? It should not have occurred there. Right? And 4/11, it was exactly one month later there was a M 7.1 quake.

She is referring to the fact that the Japanese know where the main seismic areas are, and that the quakes are occuring in areas where geology does not support the likelihood

March 9th, early afternoon, I was in a doctor’s office with my dad who was in a wheelchair. I was standing then I felt dizziness. I looked up the ceiling and found things were swaying. Nobody said it was a quake. I would explain it as standing on a big wobbling top, it was slow and not vertical nor horizontal. It was M 7.4.

If no one said it was a quake, and the Japanese are familiar with quakes, what was this motion then which caused a seismic reading of 7.4? I believe now that the earthquake machine places stress on a region with a circular pull, thus creating the spinning top feeling, to pull all potential weak spots in all directions, with the hope of triggering something big.

This mail came in later from the same woman.

HI James. Did you get 2 mails yesterday? This morning we got M 6.7 quakes. Again, it was weird motion.


This came in from someone else, who has lived in Japan for 17 years. This is about the same event.

One thing, I remember the first ‘bump’ on the 9th. I was sitting in an office full of Japanese. I said ‘jishin'(earthquake)…they said ‘no, it isn’t’….but it was…just a kind of rolling motion.

The Japanese know what a normal quake is, and specifially said it was NOT a quake after feeling it. This measured a 7.4 richter. So what moved the ground so much it measured a 7.4, and the Japanese did not call it a quake?

Ok, I read the comments.

Yes, gooey is a good description. I have lived here for 17 years and felt every sort of quake, but never gooey, liquid quakes.

Many people suffered nausea and symptoms of vertigo…dis-orientation for many weeks.

I noted that when I took a bath, and I was afraid to do even this, the water was vibrating in the tub…contant vibration. I could see this in my fish tanks, too.

Thank you for collating all of this

Constant vibration? Earthquakes start and finish. What is this “constant vibration” going on in Japan now? Unverified rumor has it that Japan was threatened in 2009 to disband it’s Government bank, and let foreigners take over their finances or America would use it’s “earthquake machine” to punish them. “constant vibration?” You bet. An electronic circuit can just be left ON.

Believe or not, I happened to be in Osaka where very close to Kobe, when the earthquake hit. How lucky I am! Right? Kobe earthquake was big and 3/11 one was bigger, but not more than 100 times bigger. You are right.

Japanese cell phones got an IM saying it was 7.2 RICHTER. Kobe was a 6.9

It was calm and warm for March. But after the quake, the sky changed into gray and snowed and temperature dropped. Next morning the sky was so beautiful and blue, I enjoyed looking up it, but I saw a plane flying lower with chemitrail. After a while I saw several chemitrails and the sky turned gray and temperature dropped again.

hmmmmmmm . . . . . . .

“Real-time video of the tsunami was playing in railway stations and other public locations….gave the whole thing a ‘HOLLYWOOD’ quality…surreal!!!”

The only way for real time video to happen was if they knew the event was going to happen, another smoking gun!

“Another ODD thing….this on NHK…and right after the quake…a very studious piece about HOW the Tohoku Quake differed from Kobe…many doctors, emergency workers interviewed…and they were perplexed because it seems that recent earthquake protocols had been based on the Kobe disaster and all of these people were prepared to treat certain kinds of injuries, like what happens when victims are crushed… the doctors on the show remarked that the only injuries they were seeing had do do with the tsunami…e.g. immersion in water, near drowning, hypothermia…from immersion in water….they were NOT treating classic EQ injuries. “

No traditional earthquake injuries equals no traditional earthquake, PERIOD

“One more thing…the Japanese talked A LOT about the dimension of the tsunami…and, actually, witnesses/survivors from Fukushima said there were SEVEN tsunami, not one…just rolling one after another.

This gives credence to those who claim more than one nuke was used, a possibility I ignored entirely

Well, the size of these things in certain places was 39 meters, measured by large boats sitting on top buildings or land masses. What produces waves of this height? You are right on in your observation that there was little damage to wood/stucco homes…these things are built to fall down…they didn’t…

You are absolutely right in pointing this out… “

First of all, a measurement of a tsunami based upon where a large boat ended up is far more accurate than any other measurement. The Tsunami was 115 feet in some areas

Second, japanese homes are not built to American standards because the attitude towards wood structures is that they are disposable. They are cheaply made and intended to be torn down after 25 years. I have confirmed they are made out of wood. A 39 meter tsunami is 115 feet tall. A 115 foot tsunami would need an earthquake over a 9 to do it, yet no damage to even cheap homes, designed to be torn down after temporary use. A total inconsistency with the official story, and I never heard of the tsunami being that big. But the Japanese OUGHT TO KNOW, they were there!

Thank you for your hard work to get out the truth.

I asked one individual directly if they could confirm the rumors that the Israelis were ready ahead of time with relief efforts, with 300 trucks, and if they could confirm the rumors that the Israelis controlled all relief efforts. She said he noticed a strong Israeli presense, enough to appear “very interesting”, but could not confirm the other points

A big medical team came with lots of equipment and went to north. They left those equipment as a gift for evacuees. I thought it was very interesting, so I remembered it. But I didn’t hear the 300 trucks story.

This following comment confirms my three seismograms, which show two quake events to the north (which she felt) and one to the south, which she did not feel. This is pretty good proof that the quake was indeed not natural. All 3 peak readings were blamed on the same phony “epicenter” by the usgs. For reference, see the seismograms in the Fukushima report.

The one
It lasted more than 5 minutes. I timed it, so it is not how I felt. According to the mass media, there were 3 big quakes happened at the same time. I felt at least 2 peaks.

The seismograms ran for six minutes. Six is a key elite number. I doubt it is a coincidence. Six is unrealistically long for a natural quake, regardless of magnitude.

I can tell you that when I got on the plane to go to CA on the 18th…the ground at the airport was liquid…everything was moving. It took me four days in CA to recover my equilibrium. If that starts up again, I am OUTTA HERE….too creepy.

BTW, there are clips on YouTube in which a local gaijin personality references conversation with a Japanese finance minister describes being threatened by the U.S. with earthquakes.

I would not assume this is purely an Israeli job…though, Israel may be fronting it.

There is the Iran question, but also, Japan has been making rapprochements toward China for several years. The Emperor is said to travel regularly to Beijing. I can think of LOTS of reasons the U.S. would not want a strong Sino/Japanese alliance. In truth, both countries are scared shitless about a U.S. default on debt. I can see why they would wish to consider how they might jointly respond to this.

My friends and I bet as to who will blow Israel off the map, and the smart money says China.

Now the story develops. Interesting stuff. “blowing Israel off the map” would be counterproductive, because it is merely a sock puppet of the Rothchilds. Ignore the puppet – look towards the banking district in the City of London. I would bet Israeli behavior would be a LOT better if someone was not pulling their strings.

My thanks to the people in Japan who sent me these mails, certainly there were more I never got.

It blows me away to think such hard work would be done to stop the dissemination of a truth so essential

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