Pro-Abortion Politician Allowed to Lead Communion in Her Local Catholic Church-How Political It’s Gotten: Church=State Pro-Life News Report

Monday, June 25, 2018

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 Pro-Abortion Politician Allowed to Lead Communion in Her Local Catholic Church
 Hospital Staff Caught Euthanizing Hundreds of Patients: “If a Nurse Didn’t Like You, You Were a Goner”
 Pro-Life Walgreens Pharmacist Refuses to Fill Prescription for Abortion Drug
 Woman Who Didn’t Want Her Baby Thanks Medicaid for Giving Her Card for Free Abortion

More Pro-Life News
 An Abortion Lovefest: Hillary Clinton Interviews Cecile Richards
 Woman Throws Her Newborn Baby Out Her Third-Story Window
 “Christian” Writer Claims Christian Voters Aren’t Really Christians if They Voted for Trump
 Abortion Activists Celebrate Anniversary of Wendy Davis’ Failed Filibuster to Defend Late-Term Abortions
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Over 1 Million Drivers See Pro-Life Signs Saying “Abortion Takes a Human Life”

Leading OBGYN Confirms: An Unborn Baby is a Human Being From the Moment of Conception

Abortion Activist Claims Infant Baptisms Violate a Baby’s Human Rights

Waste Disposal Company Quits Working for Late-Term Abortion Clinic After Pro-Lifers Complain

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Abortionist Will Receive Prison Sentence After Killing Woman in Botched 26-Week Abortion

Top Pro-Abortion Activist Fired for Sexually Harassing Female Employees

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