On Kim Kardashian’s Meeting With President Trump on America’s Police State

Kim Kardashian behaved well after Trump

She went to the white house to convince Trump to change the reasons for why people are sent to jail. With America having the world’s highest rate of imprisonment, that’s badly needed – people are receiving heinous sentences for things that should not be crimes at all, all the while real criminals that actually hurt other people walk free. This is without question being done to make law abiding people fearful, and to stuff the prisons with excellent professional slave labor. “horrible” states like China are not even close to as horrible as the U.S. courts and fake “justice system”, even Iran’s percentage of the population in prison (and Iran imprisons a lot) is only 20 percent of what the U.S. is.

America is a nation that often takes the best of society and jails it on trumped up spurious charges – great law abiding people who were cornered into legal excuses to jail them and are intelligent and threaten no one, all the while it gives the real thugs a totally green ticket to keep committing as many crimes as possible. It is set up that way to cause Americans to beg for more people to go to jail, so the courts can throw more good people who are a threat to nothing in jail and work them as slaves. That’s exactly what the American prison labor system does.

How else could a tech item like a cruise missile be produced by prisoners? You can’t get that done with someone who would shoot a 7-11 attendant while cranked up on crack. The type that shoots up a 7-11 will get out of jail 20 times because the prison slave system does not want their useless ass taking up a bed, and it wants Americans to believe the jails are not full enough to provide cover for them to get more of the people they want in jail as workers. The “12 time felon murdering and raping illegal alien” who gets to walk free repeatedly happens for a reason – his spot in the prison system has been taken by someone who’s labor turns a profit.

So Kim went, had a chat about someone that should not be in jail and was totally respectful, and left respectfully and afterwards talked respectfully. She’s probably a decent celebrity, far better than most.

My Comment:  I agree!

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