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Is there a “Jewish soul”?

by TUT editor


Is there a Jewish soul? Is it different from the souls of other people? And if so, what is the difference? (…) when speaking about Israeli Jews only, our national psychology (or “soul”) is rather perplexing. It contains elements that are mutually exclusive, profound inbuilt contradictions. (…) [And] when somebody dares to suggest that anti-Semitism in the West is dying, and that anti-Islam is on the rise instead, the Jewish reaction is furious. We need anti-Semitism for our mental equilibrium. Nobody is going to steal it from us. CONTINUE READING

Jewish terrorists burn 300 Palestinian olive trees in Nablus district

by TUT editor


According to the April report, there were 13 attacks in the first four months of this year – more than in the whole of 2017, when the agency recorded only eight attacks — though Palestinians report the number to be much higher. CONTINUE READING

Israel army has plan to dissect and occupy parts of the Gaza Strip

by TUT editor


MEMO – The Israeli military has prepared plans for a full-scale invasion of the occupied Gaza Strip, in the event of a serious escalation in the south, according to a report by Israeli news site Ynet.

Veteran correspondent Ron Ben-Yishai, citing unnamed Israeli military officials, wrote that the army “is already considering alternatives to the Hamas government”, should the latter not cooperate in efforts to establish an economic-security “arrangement” in Gaza agreeable to the Israelis. CONTINUE READING

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Israeli left & SECULAR leader Isaac Herzog says intermarriage by US Jews is ‘a plague’ and he vows to find ‘a solution’

by TUT editor


Isaac Herzog is the outgoing leader of the Israeli political “left,” the Zionist Camp coalition. He is the new head of the Jewish Agency for Israel, which seeks to strengthen bonds between Jews worldwide. In an interview on Israeli TV (for which David Sheen provided translation), he describes intermarriage between American Jews and non-Jews as a “plague” for which he seeks to find a “solution”. CONTINUE READING

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Israel fears exposure of its dirty tactics against BDS

by TUT editor


EI – Speaking at a conference sponsored by the Israeli government last week, Republican pollster Frank Luntz presented slides showing words he deems most effective for use in Israeli propaganda.

At one point, according to the publication The Media Line, Luntz warned audience members not to post photos of the slides online.

“If you do, it will end up on The Electronic Intifada, and it will be used against everyone in this room,” Luntz said. CONTINUE READING

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