Jeanice Barcelo Describes Her Ground Breaking Book Nearly Completed

Yesterday, 8:15 PM

Dear friends – As many of you know, my email list has gone through a major purge.  I am happy to say that all of you have “made the cut” and I thank you for sticking with me through the many changes that have occurred over the last number of months and years.

For your info, my forthcoming book, “The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound,” is getting closer to completion.  I am hopeful it will be ready by the end of the year.  The writing of this book has been one of the most difficult tasks I have ever undertaken as I had NO IDEA how deep this rabbit hole goes and how serious the damage from ultrasound really is.  A quick peak inside the table of contents of this 300+ page book includes information about the following topics:

–       Severe Cellular and DNA Damage

–       Extreme Genetic Harm

–       Infertility

–       Growth Retardation in Children

–       The Autism Epidemic

–       Hearing Loss

–       Burning the Bones and Leukemia

–       Miscarriage and Fetal Demise

The book is packed with studies (more than 1,000 citations at this time) and, as it turns out, this will be Volume 1 of what looks like a 3-part series about ultrasound.

I want for everyone to know that ultrasound is radiation.  Although they claim it is “just sound waves” and does not cause harm, they are 100% lying.  Some of the harm that ultrasound causes has been known for 100 years, and yet they are exposing developing babies to this lethal technology as a means of creating genetic destruction, mass infertility, extreme brain damage, chronic and debilitating illne$$ (including cancer), and much, much more.

There is no doubt that the entire medical radiation industry is based on fraud and deception.  It is nothing more than a genocidal, slow death, murder machine.  I have gone to great lengths to reveal the kind of games this industry plays in its attempts to deceive the public.  The medical establishment has become the #1 killer in the US, killing nearly one million people per year, and this does not include the murder of babies in the womb through abortion, prenatal vaccines, and exposure to ultrasonic irradiation.  This is all by design as can be ascertained by the writings contained within certain tribal “holy books” which I have written briefly about on my new blog here.

For those who may not know, six months ago I had several facebook accounts deleted immediately after I posted information from my forthcoming ultrasound book.  You can read about what I posted and what happened with facebook here.

In February of 2018, I had two youtube channels and my entire blogspot blog (more than 8 years of work) completely wiped from the internet.  It can still be seen, however, by plugging in the blog address at

My blog and youtube channels were immediately deleted after I wrote and posted a very hard-hitting article about the false flag, Florida shooting that quickly went viral.  It was my first viral post ever and I was really pissed when (((they))) deleted it (along with the whole blog) after just a few days.  I had uploaded many accompanying videos to that article on my youtube channels and they did not like this one bit.  And so my youtube channels were wiped, erasing more than 6,000 subscribers and many dozens of videos.  I have re-uploaded the article that got me into so much trouble here.  I hope you will consider reading it and sharing it.

I have also created new video channels at bitchute and pewtube.  Please follow me there.

Also, I am building a new Birth of a New Earth blog here.  Please subscribe to my blog if you would like to keep up to date on some of the information I share.   My blog is kept totally separate from my website, which is much tamer and basically for people who are new to my work.

I want to also mention, for those who may not know this, that I have been suffering from microwave radiation poisoning as a result of placement of a smart meter on the house where I live.  I wrote about this here and here.  I have become EXTREMELY sensitive to all forms of radiofrequency, microwave, and ultrasonic irradiation and I came pretty close to death in March of this year as a result of reaching saturation level with radiation.  It has become increasingly difficult for me to live a normal life because of this illness when simply sitting at a traffic light (where microwave towers and antennas have now been installed every few hundred feet) has become a painful and dangerous experience for me.  When I recently tried to attend an event in NYC, within 20-30 minutes, I began feeling extremely nauseous, clammy and sweaty, experiencing heart palpitations and massive pressure in my head, with my ears SCREAMING because I can hear these frequencies that are all around us but that most people cannot see or hear.  Manhattan is a NIGHTMARE of radiation toxicity and my meter was going off into the red almost everywhere I drove or walked.   I am certain, if we do not do something quickly to correct this situation, many, many people are going to become ill and die.  And the children are the most at risk.

All wifi has been removed from this house and I am using an ethernet hook-up to communicate with you.  Smart meter was removed as well (after much ado which you can read about here).  I am sleeping inside a bed canopy for which I have incurred a large debt that I am having difficulty repaying.  If you have appreciated my work and feel inspired to help me, and/or if you have the ability to make a donation at this time, it would mean so much.


I long for someone to make a really sizable donation so that I can pay off my debt, move house, and protect myself in every way possible from the encroaching radiation grid that is designed to kill us.  I have purchased many different radiation-protection devices with the donations that people have sent me – all to try to help myself get better, which I have.  But the problem with my ears is ongoing and there is another $400 device that comes highly recommended for this particular problem (which many people suffer from but are told they have “tinnitus“).  I would really like to try this device but for this, I definitely need donations.

Some of the devices I have purchased are useful and some not so much.  The bed canopy definitely helps to protect me against RF and microwave radiation at night and this has been beneficial so that my body can repair while I rest.   However, sleep has been very difficult because of what is happening with my ears.  These frequencies are so loud that they sometimes keep me awake for hours.   They are extremely disturbing and unsettling.  I very much need to move off Long Island to a more rural, preferably wifi and radiation-free, location. However, help is needed for me to make this happen.  If anyone has any suggestions or offerings for housing, please let me know.

Because I am so fired-up about this issue and the roll-out of 5G, I have created a totally separate website called .  Please visit and subscribe.  I recently wrote an article about the danger to fire fighters and police officers who are having microwave antennas and HUGE cell towers placed on top of and/or right next to their workplaces.  I hope you will read and share the article.
I recently also posted an article about a 15-year-old that committed suicide because she was so ill every time she went into her wi-fryed school and nobody at the school seemed to give a damn.

There’s a tremendous amount of information on the new website which I built at warp speed in order to get the word out to try to protect others from harm.

Our children are in great danger now due to this radiation threat which begins in the womb with ultrasound and is followed by exposure to baby monitors, cell phones, smart meters, wifi, tablets, laptops, microwave ovens, cordless phones, smart TVs, GPS devices, wifi in schools and libraries, etc.  Much of my attention is now focused on spreading information about this danger while simultaneously trying to maintain my own health so that I can stay alive.

Finding a way to eliminate all forms of evil from our world is urgently necessary at this time.  I would like to believe that we all have much work left to do and much life yet to live, but we must find a way to create an existence in which we are able to thrive, instead of just barely survive.

I will continue until my last breath to expose the demons who are responsible for harming us and our children while simultaneously attempting to put forth solutions (such as those presented in the Ringing Cedars books) for our world.

Getting rid of evil is a major priority and I invite you all to consciously choose with me in this moment to no longer be willing to co-exist with evil and command it to leave the Earth for good, with no possibility of return.  Simply close your eyes now and talk directly to Creation and affirm that you want evil permanently removed from our world.  Please do this with me now and invite others to do the same so that a wave of human intention will sweep across the Earth that let’s the evil ones know their time is up and their presence in our world is now over.  They can only exist here with our permission.  They do not belong here and they never have.  They are a predatory, intruder race and they must be expelled from our realm, permanently.  Once they have been expelled from Earth, their existence should either be completely extinguished from all of Creation, or every one them should be quarantined in the furthest corner of the furthest universe for the rest of eternity or until such time as they choose to live in love.

We have an obligation now to protect this realm and see to it that those who deliberately inflict harm on innocent life forms can no longer co-exist with us or our children.  They must go so that the rest of Creation may thrive.

Thank you for remaining on my list.   I will keep you informed of further developments.

All the best to you and yours,


Jeanice Barcelo, M.A.
Educator and Activist
Author of “Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine”

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