How They Do It–‘Trump is turning American nationalism into an idol and we Jews should sense the danger’???

How They Do It–‘Trump is turning American nationalism into an idol and we Jews should sense the danger’ (Admin. ???)

by TUT editor

ed note–As we have repeatedly said here, although this is not the particular ax we grind on a daily basis on this website, nevertheless  there are laws on the books dealing with immigration and are there for good reasons. Like the front door to your house that has a lock on it and which is used in providing both privacy and protection from thieves and others out to do you harm, likewise a country has the right to say ‘yea or nay’ to certain persons wanting to enter.

Keep in mind a few things here–

If Trump were to do the exact opposite and maintain the lax security protocols with regards to IMMMEEEGRAAAYSHUN than has typified past administrations, the #NeverTrumpers who today are making spectacles of themselves protesting current immigration protocols would then be pissing and moaning that Trump is not doing his job and is an ‘appeaser of terrorism’. Furthermore, please note that all these Jews and the various anti-Trump organizations they represent are not carrying out any protests against Israel’s immeeegrayshun policies with regards to the Palestinians, many of whom are not ‘political’ at all, but merely need medical care and other services but who nevertheless are stopped dead in their tracks, sometimes literally as a result of some drug-driven IDF terrorist who shoots them dead at the border.

Now, why is that, we wonder?

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My Comment:  Almost 100% of Activist Groups today in the United States are Funded With Zionist “jewish” money.  Most if not all of these Zionists are not true Jews but originate from Khazaria.

The Khazars were a semi-nomadic Turkic people who created what for its duration was the most powerful polity to emerge from the breakup of the western Turkish steppe empire, known as the Khazar Khanate or Khazaria.
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