Hollywood Run By ZIONIST Synagogue of Satan & Child Rape & Abuse is a MAJOR TENET of SATANISM

Pro-Pedophilia Messages Now Embedded In Hollywood Movies For Children

by TUT editor

PEDOPHILIA AMERICAPictured is Ruth Ginsburg, Zionist

NATURAL NEWS – The new children’s film “Show Dogs” has officially been pulled from theaters after parents everywhere sounded the alarm about its grossly pro-pedophilia plot line (…)  Since children have a natural inclination to not let people touch their private parts, films like “Show Dogs” seem to be trying to warm them up to the idea by making the characters animals and throwing in lots of humor (…)

The Hollywood perverts who came up with the idea likely intended for children viewing the film to have this exact reaction. Had it been actual children on-screen and some creep like Harvey Weinstein depicted trying to grab them, well, it wouldn’t have been funny at all, for one. Second, it wouldn’t have passed the censors as a film appropriate for viewing, especially by children. CONTINUE READING

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