EU’s Witch Trials in Zionist Occupied EU

MUST READ – Europe’s twenty-first century witch trials

by TUT editor


BY ALISON CHABLOZ – Thought-crime trials continue unabated throughout Europe. As well as the recent jailing of German activist Gerd Ittner, British ex-serviceman Jez Turner and my own awaiting punishment, next month, German-Canadian siblings Alfred and Monika Schaefer will be on trial together in Munich. A confirmed source revealed today that 89-year old imprisoned dissident Ursula Haverbeck will be attending at the prosecution’s request, no doubt a nefarious attempt to procure unfavourable testimony against the Schaefers. How long are British, French and Germans going to allow these busybody organisations to call the shots? How long will our elected leaders and authorities heed demands of such ‘charities’ to the detriment of true western values of democracy and freedom of expression? How long will it be before at least one member of every remaining white family in Europe is in jail for politically incorrect speech? CONTINUE READING

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