U.S. Zionist ‘Jewish’ Groups Fighting Behind the Scenes For Supremacy

Must Read–US Jewish groups fighting, even physically, behind the scenes

by TUT editor

ed note–Besides the obvious importance/relevance, which is to show that despite usually being very organized and of one mind that sometimes Jewish groups diverge from one another in both their interests and aims and go at each others’ throats.

The other thing that needs to be factored into this–as described in very clear terms in this article–is the role that Trump has played in dividing these groups, which undoubtedly was part of why he has said/done the things that he has since his campaign and up to the present, and, no, we can dismiss the notion that he didn’t know/wasn’t told by his advisers that this would be the net effect of things he planned on doing.

The reader should pay close attention to the section dealing with Bolshevik-faced Greenblatt, director of the ADL, and his violent behavior towards Liz Berney amd Morton Klein of the ZOA, betraying the fact that at its root, the ADL differs from its terrorist organization twin sibling JDL only by a single letter and by certain superficialities and that when the circumstances are just right, these superficialities evaporate into thin air.

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