This Article Was Censored By the Jewish Media Owners of the United States!

MUST READ – Jewish eschatology, anti-Gentilism and the Israeli occupation of the Western mind

by TUT editor


By Gearóid Ó Colmáin – Due to censorship and intimidation from liberal contributors, my article was pulled from American Herald Tribune. I am publishing it here with some additions, clarifications afterthoughts and more pictures! I have never attempted to censor any other writer. But when it comes to Jewish gatekeepers, one of Zionism’s key psychological operations is threatened. Censorship and prosecution follow.

In this article, I argue that Jewish anti-gentilism and Jewish eschatology are the key concepts perpetuating the occupation of Palestine. I argue that the notion of a New World Order has its roots in the Enlightenment project of the Universal Republic under the rule of man, a project supported by the Jews. The Roman Catholic Church was the original One World Government founded by God. The goal of Talmudists and Zionists is to bring about a One World Government under the rule of Satan. I make the case here for a Shiia/Catholic alliance against the forces of darkness. This is perhaps my most controversial piece to date. CONTINUE READING

My Comment:  Feature picture is of Rupert Murdoch who is an ardent Zionist Jew.  He owns approximately 96% of the United States Media!

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