The Whole World Hates Israel: Here is Why-They Do Appalling Inhumane Acts!

MSNBC hosts: Trump’s pro-Israel moves are ‘appalling’

by TUT editor

Mika Brzezinski slams Trump family for taking part in J’lem embassy ceremony while Gazans rioted, backs claim embassy move was ‘appalling’.

ed note–please, all of you making up the ‘Trump is owned by Djooz’ brigade, remind all of us about the last time that the JMSM elicited as much as a burp of protest or as much as a hiccup of moral outrage over some bloodbath which Judea, Inc had just committed against the Palestinians. Recall Operation Cast Lead, Pillar of Defense, etc, and the sterile, cold-as-ice reporting that took place when it wasn’t just dozens of innocent Palestinians being massacred, but THOUSANDS. Recall as well that words such as ‘appalling’ were absolutely absent from such discussions, despite the obvious disparity that existed between what was happening back when Presidents who truly were ‘owned by the Jews’ sat by and allowed these satanic black masses to occur vs the feigned moral outrage now on display when it is a President whom the Jews don’t like and want replaced ASAP with his Christian Zionist Vice President Mike Pence.

Go ahead, take your time formulating your answer. We’ll patiently wait.

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