Storm Clouds Gathering: EVIDENCE They’re (Zionist Media) Lying About the Syrian Gas Attacks!

he ruling elite think you’re stupid. As a matter of fact, they’re counting on it.

When they wanted to invade Iraq, the excuse was weapons of mass destruction. Turns out, those weapons didn’t exist. Oops. When they wanted to topple Libya, they told you Gaddafi was murdering civilians. Turns out these “civilians” were CIA backed jihadists. Minor detail. They’ve wanted regime change in Syria for years. So they armed, trained and funded an insurgency. Most of the weapons ended up in the hands of extremists, who used them in rather unpleasant ways. This made for bad P.R.

Then the west claimed Assad used chemical weapons against his own people. They said they had proof, before there was even time for an investigation. That proof, unfortunately, was classified, so we can’t see it. How convenient.

They’ve tried the poison gas angle several times now. Each new episode sloppier than the last. In 2013 when sarin gas was used on civilians, the West instantly declared Assad guilty. Air strikes were on the table, and talk of regime change was in the air. The push to war fell apart when the official U.N. investigation into the matter found that the U.S. backed rebels were the ones responsible, not Assad.

Five years later, as the last rebel strong hold fell, and final victory was at hand, the west would have you believe that Assad lost his marbles. In spite of the fact that Syrian forces were easily wiping up the last militants using conventional weaponry, and Russia still had their back, Assad apparently got an uncontrollable urge to use poison gas on civilians, a move guaranteed to trigger a military response. Why would Assad do something so stupid? Because he’s a vicious animal that enjoys murdering his own people. Right.

President Assad is in the process of winning this civil war, and he was about to take over and occupy Douma (all that area) . He had a long hard slog slowly capturing that whole area of the city, and there just before he goes in and takes it all over apparently he decides to have a chemical attack. It just doesn’t ring true. It seems extraordinary, because clearly he would know that there’s like to be a response from the allies. What benefit is there for his military? Most of the rebel fighters, this disparate group of Islamists had withdrawn. There were a few women and children left around. What benefit was there militarily in doing what he did? I find that extraordinary. Whereas we know that in the past some of the Islamic groups have used chemicals, and of course there would be huge benefits in them labeling an attack as coming from Assad, because they would guess quite rightly that there would be a response from the U.S. (as there was last time) and possibly from the U.K. and France. – Lord Alan West – Admiral British Royal Navy

I find it very unbelievable that at this point, where Bashar Assad has WON in Syria, that he would jeopardize that victory by using chemical weapons and thus drawing the United States into the fray. – Col. Lawrence Wilkerson – Former chief of staff to Colin Powell

Quite apart from all that, the debate that seems to be missing from this is… What possible motive could have triggered Syria to launch this chemical attack at this time in this place? The Syrians are winning, don’t take my word for it, take the American military’s word for it. – Former commander British forces in Iraq Jonathan Shaw

There’s another problem with this story. The Syrian government destroyed the last of its chemical weapons stockpile in 2014, and they had absolutely nothing to gain by producing new weapons. The simple fact is, Syria didn’t need these munitions to win the war. They had full support of the Russian military.


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