Jay-Z Slapped With SEC Court Order Over Securities Fraud Probe

Another Thing That Would NOT Be Happening If Hillary Was President: ‘Jay-Z’ Slapped With SEC Court Order Over Securities Fraud Probe

Ed. Note: Given my recent conversation with Liz Crokin about the Kanye West-Jay-Z feud, Jay-Z’s “assassins”, and Jay Z’s clear and present involvement with the ‘Illuminati’, this strikes us as yet another bit of news that would not be happening if Hillary was in the Oval office.

from Zero Hedge:

Did the SEC just become Jay-Z’s 100th problem?

According to a press release published Thursday morning, the agency is seeking a court order to compel Sean Carter, the Brooklyn rapper better known as Jay-Z, to appear before a team of investigators who are looking into potential violations of federal securities laws by Iconix Brand Group Inc. The order was filed in the Southern District of New York.

The investigation is somehow related to Iconix’s decision to publicly announce a $169 million writedown of Rocawear in March 2016, then another $34 million writedown earlier this year.

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