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The State of Israel Confronts Anti-Semitism. But What Is It?

by TUT editor

The Jewish Diaspora versus the national-policy interests of the Jewish state: a dispatch from a confounding forum on the rise and spread of an old hatred

ed note–a typically Jewish screed–verbose, winding, windy, and useless, but with a few very important takeaways that all Gentiles need to consider for reasons rooted in their own survival–

Ron Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress is quoted saying thus–

‘Anti-Semitism is as old as the Torah and as modern as the internet.’

Wow, talk about a mouthful. Lauder, whether realizing it or not, answers in 8 mere words the (seemingly eternal) question which Jews, Hebrews, She-brews, Israelites, Khazars, Zionists–whatever semantics we want to use in describing them–have been asking now for thousands of years but which seem unable (unwilling) to rationally study and then answer for themselves.

As Lauder accurately states, hatred of the non-Gentile (the Jew) was born simultaneously with the birth of the Torah.

Now, this is of vital importance for several reasons, a few of which we’ll lay out here as follows–

1. Indeed, the Torah is the bedrock of Judaic identity, despite the emotionally-based counter-assertions which certain ‘experts’ make, i.e. that the Torah–which these experts claim is a ‘holy’ book–was cast away in favor of the Talmud, which these same experts (rightly) claim is an evil book. Nothing could be further from the truth, as anyone who studies all of this rationally will plainly see that the two works of religious literature do not run counter to each other but rather act as the right and left legs on a person who utilizes each of them alternately in propelling himself forward.


2. That it is the teachings contained within the Torah that have created the Judaic mindset and the behavior that must inevitably flow from it that then results in Gentile backlash that is inaccurately referred to as ‘anti-Shemitism’.

Now, the obvious question that needs exploring is as follows–If Lauder has figured out the fact that ‘anti-Shemitism’ was born simultaneously with the birth of the Torah, why does not he–as well as his fellow gang members–just finally come to grips with the fact that it is Judaism itself that is to blame for the fever that has risen in the body politic over the millenia that has resulted in ‘Joosih suffrink’ in the form of pogroms, expulsions, and–as no one is allowed to forget for a microsecond–the ‘Hollerco$t’?

Simple–because the teachings contained within the Torah which form the basis of Judaism and of the Judaic mindset are a drug of sorts for their adherents. Through its ‘chosen people’ paradigm, it is a form of ‘Kristol Meth’ that inflates and feeds the ego while at the same time giving license to every form of criminality known to be such by any civilized standard throughout history. Being after all GAAAAAAWD’S chosen people who have been commanded by this god–yahweh–to steal, lie, murder, dispossess and despoil the non-Hebrew, the non-Israelite, the non-Jew, the non-Khazar–again, whatever semantic combination of letters we want to use in labeling these addicts–it is the ultimate ‘get out of jail free card’ whereby the thief, the liar, the murderer, the bandit and the exploiter is set loose again on the Gentile street to continue on with his religiously-mandated life of crime.

‘Anti-Shemitism’ is as complicated in understanding and explaining as ‘anti-Mosquitoism’. The mosquito is by its very nature a parasite that lives off of the blood of other living organisms and has no means of feeding and sustaining himself otherwise.

And likewise with the junkies of Judaism. They are, have been, and always will be a plague upon any society and who–in inflicting the various bites upon the Gentile body politic, never comes to rational grips with the fact that every time they get SWATTED for their parasitic behavior that the two actions–biting and swatting–go as much hand in hand with each other as Lauder’s statement concerning ‘anti-Shemitism’ being as old as the Torah itself.

The other item worth close study in this piece is the role that the diaspora plays in sustaining the Mosquito brotherhood worldwide, and particularly the manner by which those living in the nest require cohesion amongst their scattered brethren around the globe in order to better facilitate the flow of Gentile resources back to ‘home, sweet home’ in the Middle East. Read more of this post

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