Courageous Unarmed Gazan’s Face Cowardly Israel (Armed & Shooting)

Israel’s premature celebration: Gazans have crossed the fear barrier

by TUT editor


MEMO – When Gazan youth stood bare-chested at the border fence, falling one drove after the other, they crossed a fear barrier that no generation of Palestinians has ever crossed. And when people are unafraid, they can never be subdued or defeated. CONTINUE READING

Gideon Levy: No Opposition in Israel as Netanyahu Massacres Gazans

by TUT editor


IMEMC –  “There is no opposition in Israel. And this is not from yesterday, not from the day before this, this is quite a long time ago. When it comes to the real issues, there is no opposition. They all speak the same language, they all direct the same policies. Labor, Yesh Atid, and Likud, they differ a few times in their rhetorics, but not in their substance. They all mean to continue the occupation. They are united around the so-called morality of the IDF. They are always united when it comes to Israeli aggression. They never criticize Israeli aggression. And you know, Netanyahu can just laugh all the way to the bank.” CONTINUE READING

Arms Manufacturers Use Israel’s Massacres in Gaza to Test New Technology

by TUT editor


As the Israeli military mows down unarmed Palestinian protesters, arms trade expert Andrew Feinstein explains how weapons companies use Gaza as a laboratory to test new products and rake in profits. CONTINUE READING

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