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Donald Marshall

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Donald Marshall

Donald Marshall
This page is written in support and on behalf of Donald Marshall.
Donald Marshall is a whistleblower who has exposed the highest level Illuminati secrets and knowledge to the world, for which the most relevant information and high level Illuminati secrets can be found via his Facebook page, starting from March 2012 to December 2015. He continues to expose the Illuminati, and factions of the Illuminati, which includes: Freemasonry, Scientology, and the Vril Society; 32nd Degree Freemasonry knowledge involving R.E.M (rapid eye movement) sleep driven human cloning; and 33rd Degree Freemasonry knowledge and high level Scientology knowledge, involving the prehistoric subterranean species named “Vril”.Donald Marshall continues to expose the true nature of the Illuminati, whereby heads of states, high ranking members of governments, royalty, celebrities, politicians, and the wealthiest men and women on this planet, meet as R.E.M (rapid eye movement) sleep driven human clone versions of themselves, activated via the process of consciousness transfer, from their original bodies to their R.E.M driven human clone alternatives, whenever these people sleep, and as a result: R.E.M sleep driven human cloning technology, is used as a method of communication to implement changes across the world which affects the lives of billions of people.

He also continues to expose the subterranean troglodytes, for which their biological property, the proboscis, has been used to parasite human brains, and turn humans, and human consciousness, into “human hosts” –whereby the lizard consciousness dominates the human body. Donald Marshall’s exposure on the Vril / reptilian conspiracy has debunked many myths –such as, for example: whether Vril are ‘mystical’ or ‘magical’, ‘shape-shift’, or are ‘a coming race’.

Donald Marshall has also exposed many species of aliens, and the technological capabilities of these aliens living among us. Many human attendees of the cloning center, visiting the cloning centers via R.E.M driven human cloning technology are fully aware of the existence of many different species of aliens on earth, but are unable to disclose the true nature of these aliens, because of repercussions which the human attendees of the cloning centers may face. The disclosure of aliens by Donald Marshall, further uncovered the prevalence of the Luciferian agenda, and Luciferian practices of the Illuminati.

He is mainly active on his Facebook page, whereby the most important information regarding high level Illuminati secrets have been exposed by Marshall during the years March 2012 to December 2015. Donald Marshall has also been interviewed by Lisa Phillips, Vincent Eastwood, Jeanice Barcelo, The Green Egg Radio Show, THC Radio, Brett Wayne Pachmayer & Cole Johnson, as well as, Paranormal Central.

Initially, Donald Marshall’s disclosures about the Illuminati are difficult for many to understand, comprehend or accept, –even for the most enthusiastic conspiracy researcher; and the main reason for the steep learning curve regarding Marshall’s disclosures, is because: we have all been spoon-fed a multitude of lies and misinformation since birth. Initially, Donald Marshall, like many victims of R.E.M sleep driven human cloning, was cloned by the Illuminati to be used as a child molestation victim, as a R.E.M driven human clone version of himself, whenever his original body slept.

Nonetheless, due to his ability to make original songs freestyle, and songs via the use of the Illuminati’s technologies at the cloning center, whenever Marshall was activated as a R.E.M driven human clone version of himself, such as, via the use of mind-voice technology and MK Ultra technology, Marshall composed many, many, of the world’s most favourite songs, for which he has been heavily plagiarised by world renowned popular musicians, as well as, the ring leaders of the Illuminati.

After Donald Marshall’s R.E.M sleep driven human cloning experiences were released to him by the Illuminati, he remembered the duality of the life he had lived as a R.E.M driven human clone version of himself, whenever his original body slept. This revelation led to Marshall befriending the Illuminati members as R.E.M driven human clone alternatives for a few years, so that Marshall could decipher the true nature of the Illuminati, until he would eventually betray the Illuminati, and reveal high level Illuminati secrets to the world, in the hopes that the good people of this planet, would save Donald Marshall from the Illuminati’s R.E.M driven human cloning subculture.

The two most prominent photos which act as circumstantial evidence, for Donald Marshall’s exposure on the Illuminati, are his profile picture (also featured here), and the picture which shows a group of men wearing hoods, whereby one person is sitting in a chair with his face covered. Donald Marshall’s profile picture whereby his face is placed on the Megadeth album cover “The World Needs A Hero” is circumstantial evidence which exposes 32nd Degree Freemasonry knowledge: R.E.M driven human cloning, because Donald Marshall posed for the photo as a R.E.M driven human clone version of himself at the cloning center, and the skeleton popping out of his chest, and the blood depicted, was later added with computer graphics.

The latter picture (with the group of hooded men) depicts a “Vril lizard, human hosting ceremony”, and this picture is also circumstantial evidence which helps to expose 33rd Degree Freemasonry knowledge. Once a person learns and knows the truth about R.E.M driven human cloning, and the secret of Vril Lizards, these photos provided by Donald Marshall, becomes glaringly obvious to the person, with the respect that Donald Marshall provides truths, with his regards to his disclosure on the true nature of the Illuminati.

Donald Marshall’s books on the Illuminati are a compilation of Marshall’s exposures written on his behalf, to add further sources to corroborate Marshall’s disclosures on the Illuminati and help spread this highly significant and important information, further across the world, for the benefit of humanity.

Ultimately, when one has finished reading Donald Marshall’s entire disclosure about the Illuminati, a realisation which one may reach, is that: most of the world as we were thought to know it, is fake. This includes the fraud of the music and entertainment industries; how all professional sports are compromised through cloning technology, as well as, the CERN Hadron Collider technology, which allows for repeat days, or “groundhog days” through the process of slamming and colliding protons; how many, many beneficial advances in science, medicine, and technology, are withheld from the public… and MOST importantly: how humans are NOT at the top of the Illuminati pyramid hierarchy system, but rather, it is highly advanced technological aliens which are at the top of the Illuminati pyramid hierarchical system, whereby world leaders, heads of state and monarchy, must answer to these decrepit, perverse and technological aliens, and this is a major part of the Luciferian agenda, as well as, the reason for much of the prevalence of evil in this world.

Donald Marshall’s whistle-blowing disclosures on the Illuminati are not for the faint of heart. It takes much courage and humbleness for one to admit one has been fooled by the Illuminati since birth, in order for one to see the simplicity of the truths as presented by Donald Marshall. Moreover, Donald Marshall’s whistle-blowing exposure of the Illuminati, confirms the existence and reality of the Illuminati, and therefore provides humanity a great fighting chance to reclaim the world, and operate from standpoints of truth.

Although Donald Marshall’s primary objective in life is to fully expose the Illuminati, he also enjoys baseball; he is an intermediate to advanced level swordsman; his most preferred sword is the katana. His favourite choice beer is, Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale. He lives in Canada.

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