Zionist Organization of America OWNS AMERIKA!!!!

Zionist Organization of America says it stopped ‘anti-Semitic’ Al Jazeera documentary exposing tactics of the US Jewish lobby

by TUT editor

Group claims planned ‘viciously anti-Semitic’ exposé will not air thanks to ‘exhaustive’ efforts by its president, Morton Klein

ed note–2 things worth noting,

1. The documentary was based upon words taken right from the horse’s mouth, meaning that various rodents working for these Jewish organizations allowed themselves to be caught on film/tape saying things they should not have been saying. The documentary makers did not do what the Jews themselves do when convicting someone they have deemed an EOZ–enemy of Zion–by fabricating, stretching, or taking out of context, what so and so said, but rather, utilized hard evidence–confessions–given by the perps themselves.

2. Remember as well that whenever someone of the non-Hebraic persuasion makes the charge that Jews as a group work cooperatively with each other to stifle free speech and free inquiry, such persons making such charges are condemned as ‘anti-Shemites’ dabbling in ‘old canards’ and in ‘blood libels’, and yet, here we have Morton Klein, powerful Hebrew working for the Hebraic ZOA proudly boasting of the fact that he and various members of his organization did indeed work cooperatively with each other to stifle free speech and free inquiry.

As we say here often, fish swim, birds fly…

What was that last part again? Seem to be having a ‘senior moment’ here. Read more of this post

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