US Taxpayers Pay For and DIE in US Wars While Zionist Rothschilds’ and Zionist Israel and Zionist Britain (and Zionist Occupied France) Benefit! Putin is the Greatest Ever!

Middle East: Whose Wars?

by TUT editor


BY PHIL GIRALDI – In March 2003, Pat Buchanan wrote a groundbreaking article entitled “Whose War?” in opposition to the Bush Administration fueled growing hysteria over Saddam Hussein’s alleged weapons of mass destruction (…) Buchanan rightly identified a number of prominent Jewish officials and journalists closely tied to the Israel Lobby as the principal driving force behind the rush to go to war (…)

But if he were writing his article today, even though those demanding war are pretty much the same people with the same names including Podhoretz, Krauthammer, Kristol, Kagan, Brooks and Boot, he would have to broaden his purview to ask “Whose Wars?” as it is no longer a simple case of going after one third-world autocrat and overthrowing him, we are now instead being urged to attack Syria, Iran and even nuclear superpower Russia due to Moscow’s support of Damascus and its friendship with Tehran. CONTINUE READING


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