Treasury Yields Flirt With 3%

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4.23.18 – Craig Smith Live: C2C 10pm Tonight!

Gold last traded at $1,324 an ounce. Silver at $16.58 an ounce.

NEWS SUMMARY: Precious metal prices retreated Monday on short-term profit-taking as the US dollar rose. U.S. stocks traded lower as 10-year bond yields approached 3 percent.

Oil Is Fast Approaching $70. Is the Economy Ready for It? –Wall Street Journal
“Oil prices are headed toward $70 a barrel, a weight on the U.S. economy that is bearable for now but could pose trouble if prices keep climbing. The last time U.S. oil prices were at $70, in 2014, they were in the middle of a steep collapse. Many investors believed then that prices would soon stabilize, or even recover. Instead, they continued to plunge, eventually hitting a bottom in 2016 at $26. That tumble caused acute pain for oil producers, whose troubles rippled out into stocks, bonds and the broader economy.”

crashlessFinancial Cycles with Craig R. Smith –Coast to Coast AM with George Noory
Tonight at 10pm to midnight (Pacific Time) – Monetary expert Craig R. Smith will discuss how government policies are affecting market cycles, what he sees for the near future and the long term, and how vital it is to be prepared for the unexpected in today’s fragile world. Craig will discuss the value of the dollar in the world market and how to thrive in today’s economy.

Don’t miss Mr. Smith tonight as he discusses what to expect next on both Wall Street and Main Street. Here is a LISTEN LIVE LINK to hear the show 10pm to midnight (PDT). Craig will be offering listeners a free copy of his Special Report THE CRASHLESS SOCIETY.

America’s Economy Whimpers… It Doesn’t Roar –Bonner/Bonner And Partners
“After the second-longest expansion ever… ‘more than full employment’… inflation under 2%… stocks near record highs… and a 400% increase in the S&P 500…shouldn’t everyone be rich? And from the White House we hear that not only is the economy great… it’s getting better! Donald J. Trump: ‘America is strong and roaring back. Paychecks are climbing. Tax rates are going down. Businesses are investing in our great country. And most important, the American people are winning.’ It really seems to be the best of times and the worst of times. Or… is this ‘best of times’ story a form of fake news? Colleague and budget advisor under President Reagan, David Stockman, has done a superb job of sorting through the data. ‘Paychecks are keeping pace with inflation, nothing more. Just as they did during the Obama years. Real business investment has been on a downward trend for at least the last 7 years. That trend is still in place….Which leaves the American people not winning at all. They have only been able to continue spending by taking a half-billion dollars out of their savings… leaving them deeper in debt and more vulnerable to a downturn than ever before.’….The strength of the U.S. economy is fake news. But in public policy, fake news is the only kind of news there is…”

Dollar Advances as Treasury Yields Flirt With 3% –Bloomberg
“The dollar rallied to its highest level in more than three months as the prospect of yields on benchmark U.S. Treasuries reaching 3 percent reignites demand. U.S. equities fluctuated. The greenback strengthened against major peers as the yield on the U.S. 10-year note hit 2.99 percent for the first time since 2014 before paring the increase….’The entire market is watching that rates move and if we manage to break and extend higher the dollar will follow,’ wrote Brad Bechtel, global head of FX at Jefferies, in a note Monday. ‘If we fail and resume lower again the dollar will likely follow that too.'”

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