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Most decent Americans over the age of 40, and certainly all readers of The Anti-New York Times, already know that Fidel Castro was a brutal communist dictator who ruined the once-developing island nation of Cuba — driving its mostly White upper and middle classes to flee to Florida while the communist state and its rabble hordes dispossessed any productive Cubans who stayed. All we care to say about the unrepentant old bastard is “good riddance” and “rot in Hell.”

Of more interest and value to our beloved students of real history is the long-since forgotten story of the mighty media organization that dusted off the badly defeated rebel, put him back on his feet, and helped to install him as dictator. That’s right, boys and girls. Without the maneuvering of Sulzberger’s Slimes  namely the pro-communist correspondent Herbert Matthews (cough cough) — and the Evil Eisenhower State Department, Fidel Castro’s Marxist revolution of 1959 would never have succeeded.

Herb & Fidel: a true love-story! 


In February 1957, the fugitive Castro invited Matthews down to Cuba for a one-on-one interview. Ruby Phillips, the Slimes’ correspondent in Cuba, was told through a communist contact that Castro wanted to meet with a big name reporter. An interview with Matthews was arranged and held in secret so that Cuban President Fulgencio Batista would not find out about their meeting place and thus capture Castro.

Matthews’ interview confirmed that Castro, contrary to what the Cuban government had been claiming for strategic purposes, was indeed still alive. This news gave the demoralized communists of Cuba hope that the revolution could continue. Matthews also claimed that Castro’s force was much bigger and more powerful than previously thought. Because Castro and Matthews understood how surprising the news of his survival would be, they took a picture together. Batista, still trying to crush the communist revolution, claimed the photo was a fake and that Castro really was dead.

The secret interview with Matthews saved and resurrected the “rebel” Castro’s dying communist revolution — a fact which Castro and his Argentinian sidekick Che Guevara (with Castro in image 3) openly admitted later on.

“When the world had given us up for dead, the interview with Matthews put the lie to our disappearance.”

— Che Guevara, January 1958


Keep in mind that the interview, later published in a 3-part part series, took place during the era of the Cold War. Therefore, any hint of Castro being an actual communist had to be suppressed by the Red rascals at Sulzberger’s Slimes. Referring to Castro only as a “rebel” and his gang of thugs as a “revolutionary force,” Matthews wrote in the article published February 24, 1957, that:

“[Castro’s] program is vague and couched in generalities, but it amounts to a new deal for Cuba, radical, democratic, and therefore anti-Communist. The real core of its strength is that it is fighting against the military dictatorship of President Batista.”

More of Matthews’ lies romanticizing Castro followed:

“Fidel Castro has strong ideas of liberty, democracy, social justice, the need to restore the Constitution….but it amounts to a new deal for Cuba, radical, democratic and therefore anti-Communist.” (February 1957)

After the 1959 overthrow, back when National Review was still somewhat conservative, the magazine published a caricature of Castro over the caption, “I got my job through the New York Times,”

A subsequent book by Anthony DePalma referred to Matthews in the title as “The Man Who Invented Fidel.”,204,203,200_.jpg

1- “The Man Who Invented Fidel” was about Herbert Matthews of the Slimes.

2- The once-influential Slime Magazine also lionized Fidel Castro while concealing his communism


Of course, The Slimes’ lies, on their own, would not have been sufficient to topple the pro-American, anti-communist government of Cuba. Newspapers only make propaganda, not the actual policy. The Slimes’ goal was to give the lame duck communist-loving President Dwight D. “Ike” Eisenhower the protective cover that he needed to turn Cuba Marxist — just as he, as “General Eisenhower” had done to eastern Europe at the end of World War II. Eisenhower’s treason was resented by the man who would follow him — the anti-communist John F. Kennedy.

The “Jackie Kennedy tapes” later revealed that JFK agreed with the view of one of their family friends, Ambassador Earl E.T. Smith that the Slimes and the State Department were mainly responsible for the fall of Batista and the triumph of Castro. Smith wrote that the Eisenhower State Department facilitated Batista’s downfall by withdrawing support for his government. Smith also claimed that, “Until certain portions of the American press began to write derogatory articles against the Batista government, the Castro revolution never got off first base.”

He added: “Matthews eulogized Fidel Castro, portrayed him as a political Robin Hood, and compared him to Abraham Lincoln” and that the Fourth Floor (at the State Department) had a “close association” with Matthews, “who gave the impression by his editorial conduct of advocating Batista’s downfall.”

Jackie revealed how her husband thought it was “awful” that Eisenhower had allowed Castro to visit the U.S. after his seizure of power in Cuba. She went on to cite Smith’s book, The Fourth Floor, on how the State Department (emboldened since Eisenhower’s destruction and murder of Joe McCarthy just a few years earlier) had paved the way for Castro’s takeover.,204,203,200_.jpg

1- 1945: Supreme Allied Commander Eisenhower parties atop Lenin’s tomb with Stalin himself in a parade which featured doomed German prisoners being force-marched through Red Square.

2- 1959: Just months after Castro’s overthrow of Batista, Eisenhower allowed Castro to visit the USA — he is shown above chatting with Eisenhower’s Vice President, Richard Nixon.

3- “Ike and McCarthy” details how the Globalist-Leftist Eisenhower destroyed Joe McCarthy from “behind the scenes.” The decline and unexpected sudden death of the heroic Senator emboldened the communists in the State Department who would later sell out Cuba.,204,203,200_.jpg

Ambassador Smith and the Kennedys knew the truth about the Eisenhower State Department’s betrayal of Cuba.


“It cannot be maintained that the government of the United States was unaware that Raul Castro and Che Guevara, the top men of the 26th of July movement, are Communists, affiliated with international communism. There was ample evidence to that effect. I have shown in this book that it was impossible for Assistant Secretary of State Roy Rubottom, his associate William Wieland, and the Fourth Floor not to be aware of Fidel Castro’s communist affiliations.”


Jackie Kennedy:  

“We knew Earl Smith then, who’d been Eisenhower’s ambassador at the time. When we were in Florida—that’s all Earl could talk about. Yeah, then Jack was really sort of sick that the Eisenhower administration had let him [Castro] come in and then The New York Times—what was his name, Herbert Matthews?” 


Ambassador Smith also wrote:

“To make my point clear, let me say that we helped to overthrow the Batista dictatorship, which was pro-American and anti-communist, only to install the Castro dictatorship which was Communist and anti-American.”

Digressing and fast-forwarding for a moment, JFK authorized an invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs in April 1961. Jackie talks about the failure to follow through with adequate military force. “I mean, the invasion in the beginning and then no air strike—half doing it and not doing it all the way…” The result of the CIA’s betrayal of both JFK and the anti-communist Cubans was a slaughter of the invasion force and a huge propaganda victory for Castro.

Matthews’ Marxist mendacity continued even after the revolution had succeeded in January, 1959. Addressing claims that the new boss in Cuba was actually a communist, Matthews wrote:

“In Cuba there are no Communists in positions of control…. Fidel Castro is not only not a Communist, he’s decidedly anti-Communist.” (July 1959)

For his service to Castro’s communism, both before and after the revolution, Fidel presented his friend at the Slimes with a medal during his 1959 visit to New York. That’s the sad but real history of what happened to Cuba — and you’ll not find it mentioned in today’s Slimes, which is still playing the same game of deadly deception.

“Thank you Comrade Matthews.” 

Castro was so grateful for Matthews’ help in overthrowing the pro-American Batista that he awarded him a medal. Cuba has been a backwards communist hell-hole ever since.

Boobus Americanus 1: So, Castro finally died.

Boobus Americanus 2: Yes. It was amazing how he was able to come to power and then defy the U.S. for so long.



  Sugar: It’ss called “having friendss in high placess” — Boobuss!

 Editor: Indeed! Friends like Matthews, Sulzberger, Eisenhower and Dulles.

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