Syria has Occupied an Important Political Position as it is the Beating Heart of Arabism….the Forefront of Confrontation with the Zionist Enemy

Bashar al-Assad Could End the War in 24 Hours – But He Won’t as A Matter of Principle

by TUT editor

aa2ac-the_levant_3GREATER SYRIA

EURASIA FUTURE – In the Constitution of the Syrian Arab Republic, the following is written:

“The Syrian Arab role has increased on the regional and international levels over the past decades, which has led to achieving human and national aspirations and achievements in all fields and domains. Syria has occupied an important political position as it is the beating heart of Arabism, the forefront of confrontation with the Zionist enemy and the bedrock of resistance against colonial hegemony on the Arab world and its capabilities and wealth. The long struggle and sacrifices of our people for the sake of its independence, progress and national unity has paved the way for building the strong state and promoting cohesion between the people and their Syrian Arab army which is the main guarantor and protector of the homeland’s sovereignty, security, stability and territorial integrity; thus, forming the solid foundation of the people’s struggle for liberating all occupied territories”. CONTINUE READING

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