Russia Says Britain (and the US of A) ‘Playing With Fire’ in Spy Case

Russia says Britain is ‘playing with fire’ in spy case

by TUT editor

Moscow tells UN that it is victim of hasty, sloppy, ill-intentioned defamation campaign by London and its allies

ed note–there is only one beneficiary to the now-global campaign in demonizing Russia and Vladimir Putin, and as always, just as it was in demonizing Hitler, Germany, the Islamic Word, the Catholic Church, etc, that one beneficiary is–

–drum role please–

Judea, Inc.

Russia is back in the Middle East and–borrowing yet another line from a movie made famous by Bruce Willis–with a vengeance. Israel’s proxy terrorists in the region known as ISIS have been defeated by Russia, Iran, Syria and Hezbollah, and in the process, the narrative that Israel has tried to create by utilizing her Judaic black magic media machine viz a viz Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah being ‘terrorists’ has now fallen apart. With Russia’s newly acquired clout in terms of public perception, her purchasing power in obtaining concessions and cooperation from much of the world has now increased 10-fold.

Lavrov–being after all the Foreign Minister and well-schooled/well-versed on the importance of precise language in getting the point across–did not choose the phrase ‘playing with fire’ because it had a nice ring to it. He–and more importantly, Putin and the rest of the political class in Russia–understand what the intended end result of all this monkey business is and that it is not going to end with just angry words and menacing glares between the two sides but rather with fire–as in war–and is letting the Brits and everyone else know that Russia is not adverse to ‘going there’ if it means seeing her national honor and interests preserved.

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My Comment:  Featured picture will be The End result for Washington, D.C. up in flames from Russia’s State of the Art Technology.

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