Petition: Balance the Budget

Patty, April 17 is tax filing day, a day that none of us like, and a day that should remind us that we pay too much in taxes and our government is too big.

Do you want smaller government?


Do you want the government to live within the bounds of the constitution?


Do you want to see Congress finally have to cut spending and balance the BUDGET?


If you agree, I hope you’ll add your name to the growing army we are assembling to BALANCE THE BUDGET NOW!

I think our taxes are still too high.

That’s why I voted to cut taxes last year, and while I’ll do it again this year. But it’s also why I will introduce this week a fully balanced budget.

That last part is important, because too often I hear people questioning tax cuts pay asking how we will “pay” for them. I don’t think people should ask how we “pay” for you keeping more of your own money. I think we have a spending problem and a size of government problem.

The solution is to cut spending, and balanced the budget. The way to do that is to force Congress to act.

No one else in Congress has done this – But I will, this week.

And they will be forced to vote on it.

That’s right, they cannot avoid it. I’ll be using a provision of the rules that won’t let them hide. They HAVE to let my balanced budget have a vote.

But it doesn’t have to pass. That’s where you come in.


My budget balances in 5 years by doing something simple — cutting one percent of spending per year. You hear them complaining up here all the time about there not being anywhere to cut. That’s ridiculous.

Does anyone truly believe we couldn’t live with 99 percent of the government spending?

You and I know we can.

Let’s make Congress hear our voices, now


I hope I can count on you. You know their will be pressure form the powers that be in Washington to stay the course and not rock the boat.

But that’s not how we get things done. That’s not how real change happens. That’s not how we will shrink government and balance the budget.

So please join with me.


So this year on tax day, I say let’s pick up the fight.

Let’s keep fighting for smaller, constitutional government. Congress will be forced to vote on my balanced budget plan in the coming days.

My hope is that with your help and action today, they’ll show some fiscal sanity for a change.


RANDPAC is once again leading the fight for lower taxes and a balanced budget. Please consider helping us by contributing after you add your name to the BALANCE THE BUDGET NOW page.

So please help today.

In Liberty,

Senator Rand Paul

Rand Paul, MD

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