On Those Strikes in Syria-Will Warmongering Lead US Into WW3 or Rather the Zionist ‘Jews’?

Despite strikes, Pentagon admits that Assad retains chemical capabilities

by TUT editor

Syria dictator still has poison gas and the means to deliver it; defected general says allied attacks didn’t target the ‘heart’ of his program

ed note–any deluded souls still clinging to the notion that Trump’s latest strikes on Syria were the ‘real deal’ rather than theatre need to check out of their extended stay on Fantasy Island and check back into the Hotel Reality. This was not done to kick off WWIII but rather to prevent it, and all one need do in coming to this conclusion–as painful as it may be to one’s ego and self-perceived sense of intellectual superiority–is to compare/contrast this latest event with what George W. Bush did in Iraq and what Barack Hussein Obama did in Libya.

When a US President is truly ‘owned by Djooz’ and sets loose the US military with the plan of destroying another nation, it gets done. Read more of this post

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Why the April 14th Missiles-Invasion of Syria Was a Historic Turning-Point

by TUT editor


STRATEGIC CULTURE – The April 14th invasion was the apogee, the turning-point downward, for American hegemony, the end of the mono-polar world or U.S. dictatorship that ever since 24 February 1990 the U.S. Government has imposed on all of its foreign allies for them to join the U.S in imposing against Russia — the only other nuclear super-power and thereby the only effective counter-weight to America’s global dictatorship. The strategy, ever since that time, has been to pick off, one-by-one, Russia’s allies, and bring them into NATO, so as to place missiles right on and near Russia borders, and, effectively, compel Russia to surrender to the will of America’s leaders. CONTINUE READING

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