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“Open season” on injecting pregnant women with toxic substances
Mike Adams It’s now “open season” on injecting pregnant women with toxic substances. This is the latest instanity from the collapsing world of destructive pharma medicine.

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Also today: I’ve just launched a new video news channel called “Counterthink.” See the introductory episode that explains what the show is all about (and why I’m launching it).

Full details (and video) here.

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More of Today’s ArticlesU.S. government used chemical weapons to murder children in Texas… does that mean it’s okay for other nations to bomb us?
American foreign policy has long been characterized by a precedent of bombing and overthrowing countries that elected officials accuse of committing major human rights abuses. But the United …

Washington Post, Boston Globe busted for quoting totally make-believe financial “expert” who doesn’t even exist
Fake news has become a cornerstone of the mainstream media in recent years — but the latest scam involvingThe Washington Post and the Boston Globe (among others) surely takes the cake. It turns …

Along with California “criminalizing” the Bible, Google is now banning ads from Christian publishing companies
Google has a frightening amount of control over the internet, and although one of their past mottos was “Don’t be evil,” they seem to have a different set of rules when it comes to dealing with …

Obesity prior to pregnancy found to increase risk of autism, according to new study
Being obese before getting pregnanthas been found to increase the chance of having a child with autism, according to a study. The study, conducted by researchers at Northwestern University, …

NYT attacks “right-wing conspiracy theory” then issues whopping correction, confirming it was true all along
The American Pravda media has lost whatever remaining credibility it had left in the era of President Donald J. Trump, having long ago abandoned any semblance of journalist integrity in their …

China bans journalist from buying a home due to “social credit score” system that punishes anyone who questions the state
China is taking their authoritarian government to a new level by implementing a new “social credit score” system. Under this new tyrannical system, the country’s 1.4 billion …

Researchers closer to understanding how blood glucose homeostasis occurs in the body
Researchers are getting closer to getting closer to understanding how blood sugar homeostasis happens in the body, as they found that the pancreatic islets are responsible for maintaining normal …

Pesticides threaten extinction of monarch butterflies
It is well-known that the use of pesticides can have deleterious effects on nature. Now, the latest casualty could soon be the majestic monarch butterfly as its very existence is thought to be …

Older people encouraged to dance; as a hobby, it offers many physical and mental benefits
Dancing is more than just having fun. It also offers multiple physical and mental health benefits, according to a joint project by Queensland University of Technology(QUT) and Queensland Ballet. …

SNOPES caught being dishonest in its assessment of a California bill seeking to criminalize the sale of Bibles
In recent days WorldNetDaily reported that Liberty Counsel, a Christian-themed legal assistance group that defends religious and civil rights, warned that a new California bill that has already …

Researchers create robot fish that can swim right next to real ones in coral reefs
There are plenty of unexplored areas in Earth’s seas and oceans, and scientists are always looking for ways to observe these places better in the name of science. Now a team of researchers …

Legal expert claims that Comey’s release of memos is de facto evidence he may have committed criminal espionage
If you are one of a shrinking number of Americans who still don’t believe fired FBI Director James Comey really stepped in it when he handed over classified memos to a friend for the purpose of …

Less is more, as we age: Fasting, calorie and fat restriction found to help preserve brain health
Many changes happen as we age. Our energy levels drop. We’d rather stay home and putter in the garden than go outdoors and chase the wind. Declining muscle mass requires less energetic

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