Interesting Content If You Realize This is a Shill For Israel and Israel is a Rothschild Zionist (Balfour) Creation-Look It Up!

How to Avoid Becoming a Global Citizen

It’s that time of year again, Earth Day: a great opportunity to raise awareness of environmental impact and to celebrate the planet that God created for us. On the other side of the coin, it provides an excuse for the “master plan for humanity” to move further into existence. This global scheme is essentially the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, previously referred to as Agenda 21.

Analysis Behind the News

NWO: The Killing of American Sovereignty

Are you paying attention to what is happening with NAFTA, TPP, or Trump’s tariffs being hauled in front of the World Trade Organization?

You should be as this has the possibility of creating layers of global government above America’s own sovereignty.


  1. Let Congress and President Trump know they need to get out of NAFTA, TPP, TTIP, and any and all of these proposed alphabet soup agreements.
  2. Watch The Real Face of the European Union and pass out copies to build support to oppose trade partnerships.
  3. Join The John Birch Society‘s concerted action program!

Prep for National Police Week

Support Your Local Police

The federal government has been busy attempting to nationalize police; we must continue to counteract this by supporting our local police!

May 13th – May 19th is National Police Week. Stock up now on “Support Your Local Police” materials so you can educate others!

Support Your Local Police Materials:

  1. SYLP Yard Sign
  2. SYLP Action Pack
  3. The New American Special Report “Police Under Fire”
  4. And more!

Straight Talk

Stop NAFTA/TPP International Merger

President Trump considers rejoining TPP, meanwhile Vice President Pence announces U.S. is close to new NAFTA deal.


  1. Watch this edition of Straight Talk.
  2. Contact your representative and senators to Stop the NAFTA Redo & TPP Too: Stop Trade Promotion Authority Renewal.
  3. Read “Trans-Pacific Partnership to Facilitate U.S.-China Merger.”

National Events

Freedom’s Voices, our Speakers Bureau

April 25: Garden City, NY

Corruption Inside the United Nations

April 28Stockton, CA

America’s Current Economy

May 1Whippany, NJ

Campus Chaos

May 15Crystal, MN

Rein in Big Government with Article VI Not V

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Local Events

Events Scheduled by Local JBS Chapters

April 23: West Jefferson, NC

Christianity and the Constitution

April 24: Totowa, NJ

2nd Amendment Today for the USA

April 26: Winter Haven, FL

The Constitution is the Solution Workshop

April 30: West Jefferson, NC

Christianity and the Constitution

May 12: Norwich, CT

Rein in Big Government with Article VI Not V

May 15: Ocala, FL

The Constitution is the Solution Workshop

May 16: Garden City Park, NY

The UN Deception

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