Fake Media Condemns Hamas (Patriots) of Terrorism Which Is What These Zionist Countries Actually DO!

In first, European Parliament condemns Hamas for terror, use of human shields

by TUT editor


ED-NOTE – This is the same EU parliament which ‘protested’ Syria strike during Macron’s speech. When it comes to Israel, ALL the very mellow and righteous indignation we see coming from the EU parliament is an act, all of it.  How many times have EU MPs been denied entry in Israel despite their diplomat status and diplomatic immunity? How many times have we heard stories about EU MPs being beaten up by Israeli police/army? But no actions against Israel has yet been taken.

Moreover, let us never forget that the EU MPs are absolutely useless: all the EU laws are enacted by the non-elected EU Commission and not the EU Parliament. The EU MPs know that, they know they are useless but all play along loving a job that pays them handsomely to do absolutely NOTHING, that allows them to claim extravagant expenses and to get a golden retirement plan for having done nothing. All EU MPs are frauds, and none are more despicable than the ‘anti-EU MPs’ such as Nigel Farage who spoke so vehemently against it while taking its salary and all other benefits paid by the European tax payers.

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TUT editor | 04/19/2018 at 9:34 | C

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